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standard Truths About Human Attraction

The truths of human attraction. They’re not written down in any playbook we know about, though it seems like these would be pretty important things to know before heading into the dating jungle. You may have noticed a few of the following on the periphery of your recognition as you stumble through life, but Jake Swank is here to tell you you’re not imagining things. It’s real!
NOW She’s Hot: You barely even noticed the chick before but now your best friend tells you that woman is hot for your body. Suddenly, Plain Jane looks like a drop dead hottie. Where the heck did this mutual attraction come from? Were you drugged? It’s actually very simple. Being liked by someone else creates a complimentary state of existence that didn’t …

standard The Worst Thing to Do On a First Date

We know the temptation is there, fellas. The girl you’ve been, yearning, pining, and hallucinating for finally came to her senses and agreed to go on a date with you. After all the mental buildup, you want to make that first outing a night for the ages. You know, make a BIG splash. The kind of date she’ll never forget and that just might encourage her to come back for a seconds.
Simmer down there, lover boy. Unless you own a private jet and can afford to give her Paris, Rome, and Miami all at once, we’d like to suggest you start out low-key and traditional. There’ll be plenty of time for all those crazy ideas later. A recent Ask Men man-on-the-street interview with a handful of lads and …

standard Sport Dating for the Modern Don Juan

Dating, that delicate dance for the continuation of our species, has changed greatly for Generation-Y, so much that it resembles a sport more than anything else. Long gone are the days of flowers at the front door, a milkshake at the corner diner, and a chaste peck on the cheek at the end of the night. In its place we have a whirlwind of Facebook status updates, amorphous date etiquette, and a quickening of the whole process.
Are you a sport-dater? Check yourself against the list below.
Home Run on the First Date
To be honest with our word selection, Generation-Y doesn’t really date, but rather sleeps around for varying periods of time. Often it’s a one-night stand and creep out the door before she wakes up. Other times, you may …

standard 4 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Your Sex Appeal

In case you haven’t heard, the world ain’t fair and some of us are less sexy than others. Wait! Don’t throw yourself off a bridge or lay your head on the railroad tracks yet. All hope is not lost for those occupying the lower side of sexy on the spectrum. Your situation can be improved and faster than you might realize. Treat yourself to a big helping of good advice. Here are four ways to instantly increase your sexiness. Today. Right now.
Find a Group
Scientists say that, when confronted with a group of people, the human brain averages the faces. Less attractive people get a boost and the beautiful ones take a hit. If you’re already sexy, avoid groups. They’ll degrade your looks. However, if you hit every branch …

standard Your Love Life: Does It Matter Where You Live?

Is it harder to get a date if you live with your parents? If we’re to believe a recent survey by the real estate website Trulia, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” This and other tidbits of information describing the relationship between your housing status and ability to score romantic evenings out should make for interesting reading to all you swanksters.
Does the Dream Matter?
The American Dream of homeownership is a big deal, right? According to the Trulia survey, don’t sweat it. A full two-thirds of single U.S. adults said owning a home provided no significant advantage when it comes to assessing datability. Only 28 percent are holding out for someone with a mortgage and a white picket fence.
Roommates Don’t Rock
In this high-priced world in which we live, new …

standard SL 34 – Electrify Your Sex Life with "Sexual Euphoria"

angioedema treatment
Are you waiting to dip your toes in the water of the online dating scene? Or maybe you’re a wily veteran cyber romancer. Regardless, you won’t want to miss Episode #34 of The Swank Life Show as host Jason Hartman interviews George Moufarrej, author of “Sexual Euphoria: A Complete Guide for Men and Women.”
Moufarrej holds a Bachelor’s degree from USC and a Master’s from California State University of Los Angeles. He is an accomplished researcher and holds a special interest in communication (or lack thereof) between men and women. During this interview, Jason and George devote considerable time to the topic of exactly how online dating is different, in an emotional sense, from the face-to-face version, and the risks involved peculiar to the former.
Exactly what is necessary …

standard What’s Your Life’s Work Worth?

We came across a list that’s been floating around Facebook lately. We’d love to offer credit and/or place blame for the thing but have no idea where it started. The goal is simple. Add ‘em all up and see what your cash total is. You’ll notice that some activities are worth more than others. For example, you earn a cool ten bucks if you had sex or got in a fist fight. Falling asleep, dying your hair, or peeing in the pool only nets fifty cents.
And remember to take this little list in the spirit with which it is intended. Don’t make the mistake of considering yourself an incredible hero or flat out loser depending upon your score. We found it on Facebook, remember? It can’t be THAT …

standard Don’t Be Mr. Insecurity – It’s Chick Repellent

Insecurity is so…icky. It’s the one thing that will likely get you dumped faster than sneezing, burping, and farting all at once during Sunday morning church service. We’re serious. Swankiness and insecurity are polar opposites of the character trait spectrum. So what exactly does it mean to be insecure?
One dictionary defines insecure as “a person not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.” Well, we’re all uncertain or anxious at some point in our lives but we try to control it. Others give in to the madness and end up exhibiting one or more of the following insecurities like a full-blown disease.
Marking Territory
We’ve all seen this dude. The moment another guy looks in the direction of his girlfriend for even the slightest moment in time, he’s all over her …

standard Date ‘Em Young, Be Happier

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. An older man dating a younger woman, say 20-25 years his junior, does not automatically make him a creeper or a pervert. Contrary to what conventional wisdom might think at first blush, there are legitimate reasons that mutually beneficial romantic relationships can and do work, even if the guy is over 35 and the girl just got her drinking license.
Here are three reasons Jake Swank says don’t be shy about throwing off the constraints of conventional wisdom (it’s not always about gold diggers and sex) and do what you want.
Younger Women are Happy, Happy, Happy
Let’s face it. Life can be brutal for men and women. It’s hard not to get jaded in the process: unfulfilling jobs, annoying bosses, health …

standard This Breakup Burn Might Leave a Scar

The following list has been making the rounds of the Internet, but just in case you missed it, take a few minutes to read the reasons (allegedly) a disgruntled girlfriend dropped her beau like a hot weasel. No word yet on whether the target of this crushing missive is presently writhing in a pile of smoldering shame or wondering what kind of woman doesn’t like Snow Dogs?
“Why I’m dumping You” in all its original glory:

You think Predator 2 was better than the original.
It’s not Cousint, it’s Cousin.
You referred to your cockatoo as your baby.
The airbrushed clothing.
You eat your cereal with water instead of milk.
You can name all of the dudes in One Direction.
You have one-too-many posters of Michael Phelps in a Speedo.
You used air quotes when you talked …