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standard Investing: Shootin’ for the Moon

In Jake Swank’s never-to-be-humble opinion, it’s not enough to set your goal on becoming a millionaire. He’d suggest at least ten million for starters. Inflation is a capricious mistress. The important things are to start early, work hard, and never look back. We’re starting to sound like Benjamin Franklin here.
Let’s get specific.
The Right Kind of Debt
Make it an ironclad rule of your life to never use debt unless it will make you money. Pretty simple, right? This is not to say you can’t borrow to buy a car, but it better be a car you’re going to use on a sales route or something that will bring in more income than what you’re shelling out as a monthly payment. It’s simple. Consumer debt keeps you poor. Poor and …

standard All I Want for Christmas is Just One Viral Video

Is it swanky to be the progenitor of a viral video? In a word, yep. There is no better way in today’s world to get your brand out there in a big way in a short amount of time. the trouble with creating a viral video is that the process to success is nebulous. Like sand, the tighter you grasp it, the faster it slips through your fingers. This doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea. Just realize it’s not a sure thing, no matter how much money and time you throw at it.
You’ve seen the kind of videos we’re talking about. Criminally cute kittens. A Korean rapper who became a worldwide overnight sensation thanks to his innate ability to dance like a horse.
What’s the big …

standard Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits – The Short Version

One of Jake Swank’s favorite books of all time is Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. While we’ll be the first to admit that one could take a flamethrower to the self-help section of your local bookstore and not risk depriving the world of much substantial information, Covey’s tome is a cat of a different flavor, one that any aspiring swanky dude or dudette would be wise to read. But if you’re too lazy or busy to do that, here’s the thing in a nutshell. Habit 1: Be Proactive It should be no surprise to anyone that your effectiveness in life is determined by the quality of your decisions. Take responsibility for your choices and the consequences, good or bad. Habit 2: Start with the End …

standard Revenge Porn: Not Funny, Cool, or (Surprisingly) Illegal

Posting pictures of ex-lovers, wives, and husbands online has been something of a “thing” for a while now. More than one website has made headlines by curating and posting nude photos. Thanks to difficulty in crafting legislation, revenge porn is not illegal, nor are we unequivocally claiming it should be. The lesson here is you better be DAMN careful who you share naked pictures with. It could ruin your life.
Here’s how.
People Will Blame You Consider that almost everyone on the planet has a smartphone with a built-in camera. Even if you think you’re snapping nude selfies in the privacy of your home for no one else to see, those images are sitting out there in an email account
The so finds super so buying time thrilled introduced …

standard Luxury Travel – What’s Hot for the Rest of 2014?

Sophisticated luxury travelers want to have the experience ahead of the curve. If the Smiths’ and the Joneses have already been there flying coach class, no thanks. We’ll find something else. There are a few things that motivate the swanky to get up and globetrotting: get somewhere first; stretch your comfort zone; find a new mode of travel.
Let’s polish up our glass ball and see where you should set your sights for the rest of 2014.
Get there First
Even if you’re super adventurous, we’re going to leave war zones out of our recommendations. There’s “ahead of the curve” and then there’s “out of your mind.” We don’t like luxury travel with a high percentage of disembowelments or wrongful imprisoning. Cuba is still hot on our list, especially as Fidel …

standard Don’t Be a Fashion Disaster

Ugh, sometimes it just seems like too much work to look like a clothes horse. You’ve got to take time from your busy day to hit the shopping district or your favorite outlet mall, agonize over styles and colors and wonder whether they actually match or was the sales girl too polite to mention that it looked like a llama threw up on you.
The truth is Jake Swank likes nice-looking clothes as much as the next guy, but he has better ways to spend his time than wandering the aisles of the local Barbour store. What if we told you that for quite a reasonable price you could hire a highly-trained fashionista or fashioneer to select a cutting edge wardrobe and mail it for you to try out …

standard Glamping: The Glamorous Side of Camping

For those with a little extra coin to drop, camping ain’t what it used to be. Now we’ve got glamping, a combination of the words “glamourous” and “camping.” Maybe you’re fed up with an uncomfortable sleeping bag on the ground, a smoky campfire with half-raw, half-scorched trout, and emphysemic neighbors wheezing the next site over. If so, glamping might be just the ticket.
Whether you’re looking for a pimped-out cabin, luxury tipi, or an RV mansion on wheels, it’s time you realized that crawling into that cramped pup tent is a thing of the past, and there’s no reason to leave a single creature comfort behind when you head into the great outdoors.
Tipi Time (
For a pittance ($800 single occupancy / $1,000 double occupancy), you can get your Native …

standard The Ridiculous Edge of Infinity at Marina Bay Sands

Once in a great while you stumble across a man-made marvel so unique, so stupefying, so ridiculous that it immediately goes onto the bucket list. The Skypark Infinity Pool at the top of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore fits the bill. Take a gander at the view in the photo down there. Your eyes do not deceive you. It’s no trick of photography or fakery of perspective.
Nope, that pool sits atop 55 floors of luxury rooms and suites! And that’s the skyline of the grand city of Singapore spread out directly adjacent to and BELOW you.
To some, it seems like the perfect recipe for an effects-laden disaster movie; to others, sheer nirvana. If the idea of cavorting like a dolphin in cool, refreshing water at a height …

standard The Unswankiness of Financial Ignorance

Jake Swank reminds you that not only will financial illiteracy keep you in the poorhouse indefinitely, you probably won’t garner a second look from that hot girl at the bowling alley while you struggle to compute the tip amount for a pizza. Why are we wasting our time on this topic? Recently, a pair of economists put together a basic three-question quiz. Guess what? 70 percent of U.S. respondents couldn’t pass.
And by basic, we mean basic. Keep reading. Although it could be worse. Russia clocked in at an anemic 4 percent correct percentage.
But with the best performing nations (Germany at 47 percent success and Switzerland at 50 percent) barely able to muster correct answers by half the population, it’s no wonder the global economy appears to be run …

standard Addicted to Technology? Here’s How to Tell…

We’re not neanderthals here at Swank Life. We like technology as much as the next guy, but there’s a time to play and a time to put it away. Are you the dude at the bar who misses the hot looking girl across the room because he simply MUST check his social media activity for the sixth time in three minutes? Do you develop a nervous eye twitch when disconnected from the Internet for more than a few moments? Does the idea of shutting all connectivity down for an entire hour make you break out in hives?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re an idiot. Seriously. Life is what goes on outside the little box, not inside it. Upon reflection, maybe idiot is too harsh. …