standard SL 31 – Getting Her Attention Through Texting with Bobby Rio

As Bobby Rio expresses, times have changed in the dating scene – the reality is that getting a girl’s phone number and making a simple phone call to initiate a date just doesn’t apply. Girls are always on their phone texting and your text messages need to stand out and get her attention. Jake Swank and returning guest, Bobby Rio, talk about the new process of texting your way to a date. Listen at: www.SwankLife.com. Bobby shares the three important steps to make your texts stand out: Getting her attention by sparking an emotion, making a connection with her with something that makes her feel special, and the push – going for the date. Bobby gives real life examples of texts that work. For instance, …

standard SL 28 – “Alphadog” with Wing Girl Kim

Join Jake Swank as he interviews Wing Girl Kim, author of Alphadog, Get the Bitch You Want. Wing Girl Kim (Kiai Kim) gives a woman’s perspective on dating, going beyond the typical dating advice and pickup tactics to explore leadership principles in dating, i.e. the Alphadog image. For more details, listen at: www.SwankLife.com. She talks about why she chose the dog to teach dating advice and principles, as well as describing the pack mentality in humans, whether in business, family, or even dating. Wing Girl Kim examines what women really want, saying that most women want a man with leadership abilities, not the macho image. Men have a tendency to come off too strong and Kim advises men to step back, slow down, and give the woman space …

standard SL 27 – A Foreign Affair, Explaining “Mail-Order Brides” with John Adams

Historically, the term “mail-order bride” referred to women from well-developed ares who listed themselves in catalogs and were selected by men in overseas colonies or frontier lands for marriage. Today, mail-order brides work with international marriage agencies, where they list their profile online and men view these profiles and often post their own profiles, similar to online dating sites. Jake Swank interviews “A Foreign Affair” co-owner, John Adams about how this service-oriented business works. Listen at:  www.SwankLife.com. John debunks the stereotype behind the term of “mail-order bride,” explaining that it doesn’t really even exist anymore. Clients correspond back and forth, and many take 10-14 day romance tours to meet many fascinating singles and enjoy exciting vacations. John and co-owner, Ron Redburn and Chief Technological Officer Ken Agee are …

standard SL25 – Love Systems and Magic Bullets with Nick Savoy

Dating is a science, but not rocket science.  Approaching beautiful women can be intimidating, whether in a bar, club, mall, or coffee shop, and many men don’t understand the psychology of women.  Join Jake Swank and Nick Savoy, CEO of Love Systems and author of Magic Bullets, as they discuss insights and techniques on approaching and becoming successful with women in the dating scene.   “To succeed with a woman, your best chances are to make an emotional connection, to make a physical connection, and to get the logistics right,” says Savoy.  To learn more, visit:  http://swanklife.com/category/audio-podcast/.
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Nick (Savoy) is President and CEO of Love Systems Corporation and is the author of Magic Bullets, our “bible” of dating science and social dynamics. He loves adventure and a …

standard SL24 – Taking Personal Response-Ability in Relationships

Join Jake Swank on this episode of Swank Life as he and Joergen Rasmussen, author of Provocative Hypnosis, and one-on-one coach and family therapist in the UK, discuss many common thinking patterns and behaviors in relationships that often lead to unhappiness and frustration.  Joergen talks about one key element in making positive changes, whether you’re looking for a relationship or currently in one:  personal response-ability.  Many people”s focus is “If I could change him/her, I would be happy.”  Joergen explains why this approach doesn”t work and offers practical advice for achieving ones” personal happiness and confidence.  To learn more, listen at: http://swanklife.com/category/audio-podcast/.
Joergen Rasmussen entered the world of change-work over 11 years ago and asked himself many questions that didn’t seem to have been answered.  Not until he set …

standard SL22 – “Ethical Seduction: We’re Seducers, Not Monsters.”

Jake Swank talks with Frank Kermit BA. MA., Relationship Expert and Best Selling Author. Frank teaches men and women about their Emotional Needs, how to address each other’s Emotional Needs, towards ongoing loving relationships. His teachings and philosophies are about relationship building, maintenance, and living in both traditional and alternative lifestyles.  Visit: http://swanklife.com/category/audio-podcast/.
Frank Kermit is an author of many books and audio programs. He also produces and hosts an internet radio show, runs online relationship advice forums, publishes Frank Talks: Frank Advice columns in magazines and conducts seminars. He is available for personalized coaching. His book Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test has been #1 on lulu.com in the Sex-&-Relationships Category since 2008. As the author of over a dozen books and over 40 lecture-CDs Frank …

standard SL21 – Swank Life Speed Seduction with Ross Jeffries

Jake Swank talks with Ross Jeffries, the founder, creator and Master Teacher of the worldwide seduction community. Featured as the mentor to Neil Strauss in the best selling book, “The Game”, RJ has taught, coached, and mentored thousands of men around the world, since 1991, guiding them to the success with women they truly desire and deserve. More at: http://swanklife.com/category/audio-podcast/. His system, “Speed Seduction®” will show you how to succeed with the women you really want, predictably and reliably, without guess work or games, respecting yourself and the women you enjoy. Forget the copycats and learn from the original RJ and NLP.

standard Consider Your Curses Carefully

SwankLife.comSwearing makes you cool, confident, hip, and urbane, right? Maybe when you’re in fourth grade. After that, the allure should begin to wear off, at least to most of us with an IQ above that of a garden vegetable. Believe it or not, there are lots of women out there who won’t be impressed with your ability to use the ‘F’ word as any part of speech. For that reason alone, you might consider tempering your sailor’s tongue. And, ultimately, the shock value of bad words wears thin quickly. After that, you’re simply boring.