inbound marketing

standard The Swanky Dude Guide to Business Marketing

What’s swankier than a successful business? Not much. And knowing the difference between inbound and outbound marketing could be the difference between financial survival and implosion. Today is your lucky day, because if your marketing efforts are confined to the outbound variety, you must be living in 1979. We’ve got a new thing these days called the Internet…
Inbound Marketing
Basically what we’re talking about is another way to say content marketing. Under this approach, a company reaches out through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, eNewsletter, whitepapers, SEO, and social media marketing. There are other examples, but you should get the idea. Inbound marketing EARNS the attention of customers by supplying helpful (hopefully) information that makes the potential consumer want to learn more. They begin interacting with the company that supplied …

standard Don’t Be Mr. Insecurity – It’s Chick Repellent

Insecurity is so…icky. It’s the one thing that will likely get you dumped faster than sneezing, burping, and farting all at once during Sunday morning church service. We’re serious. Swankiness and insecurity are polar opposites of the character trait spectrum. So what exactly does it mean to be insecure?
One dictionary defines insecure as “a person not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.” Well, we’re all uncertain or anxious at some point in our lives but we try to control it. Others give in to the madness and end up exhibiting one or more of the following insecurities like a full-blown disease.
Marking Territory
We’ve all seen this dude. The moment another guy looks in the direction of his girlfriend for even the slightest moment in time, he’s all over her …