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standard SL 28 – “Alphadog” with Wing Girl Kim

Join Jake Swank as he interviews Wing Girl Kim, author of Alphadog, Get the Bitch You Want. Wing Girl Kim (Kiai Kim) gives a woman’s perspective on dating, going beyond the typical dating advice and pickup tactics to explore leadership principles in dating, i.e. the Alphadog image. For more details, listen at: She talks about why she chose the dog to teach dating advice and principles, as well as describing the pack mentality in humans, whether in business, family, or even dating. Wing Girl Kim examines what women really want, saying that most women want a man with leadership abilities, not the macho image. Men have a tendency to come off too strong and Kim advises men to step back, slow down, and give the woman space …

standard SL 27 – A Foreign Affair, Explaining “Mail-Order Brides” with John Adams

Historically, the term “mail-order bride” referred to women from well-developed ares who listed themselves in catalogs and were selected by men in overseas colonies or frontier lands for marriage. Today, mail-order brides work with international marriage agencies, where they list their profile online and men view these profiles and often post their own profiles, similar to online dating sites. Jake Swank interviews “A Foreign Affair” co-owner, John Adams about how this service-oriented business works. Listen at: John debunks the stereotype behind the term of “mail-order bride,” explaining that it doesn’t really even exist anymore. Clients correspond back and forth, and many take 10-14 day romance tours to meet many fascinating singles and enjoy exciting vacations. John and co-owner, Ron Redburn and Chief Technological Officer Ken Agee are …

standard SL26 – A Controversial Look at a 21st Century Survival Guide for Men with RK Hendrick

Join Jake Swank and RK Hendrick, Esq. as they discuss Hendrick’s controversial book, How to Avoid “Getting Screwed” When Getting Laid.  Visit: Hendrick’s many years of experience in family/divorce law has made him an expert on harmful legal practices and predatory social practices against men in today’s society.  In this episode, Hendrick shares with Jake how the scales of justice have shifted substantially against men, whether it concerns protecting their personal fortune or gaining equal footing in a custody battle, etc, and discusses how to recognize the warning signs of a problem relationship before it’s too late.
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In his legal career spanning nearly 20 years, RK Hendrick has been a prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney, a pro tem judge and a family law attorney (divorce, custody and …

standard Persistence – Not Neediness

SwankLife.comIf there’s one thing the budding Renaissance Man is safe in assuming, it’s that coming across as a sniveling, needy guy is going to result in a strike out in the blink of an eye. Face it, women don’t need your neediness and drama, they’ve got enough of their own. But you also should recognize that, in your headlong rush to avoid being identified as Captain Needy, you must take care to not sacrifice persistence, because, as we mentioned, her Anti-Slut Defense requires that she not cave in to your Casanova-esque advances on the first try.