standard Has Anyone Seen Swanky Bear's Pants?

We knew we were going to have to talk about it sooner or later. As you can tell by the picture to the left, everyone’s favorite vodka-and-tequila-drinking bear got so totally whacked recently he lost track of where his pants went. We’re pretty sure we can trace the root of the problem; if you look closely at the bottle clutched in his left paw, you’ll see a bottle of Skyy Vodka. While the stuff is plenty sheik these days (though not nearly as sheik as Swank Vodka, of course), it does have the unfortunate side effect of causing pants to disappear.

standard SL 33 – Social tips for swanky girls with Jenn Burton

On this episode of Swank Life, Jake Swank does a 180 on the topic of dating techniques for men and is joined by dating coach for women, Jenn Burton for a discussion of how women can improve their dating and relationship experiences. Listen at: Jenn shares her own experiences and talks about some of the common mistakes that women make when they meet men, such as appearing needy or putting up walls. She encourages women to change their view of men, to believe that most men want to love and adore a woman.  An important point that Jenn makes is that chemistry between men and women is not instant and she coaches women to get to know men for a little while before actually going out on …

standard Be Real if You Want to be Swanky

<a rel="attachment wp-att-674" href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-674" src="×225.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="225" /></a>One of the least swanky personal attributes we can think of is to be fake. Conversely, authenticity is something we all should strive for. If you’re classy and proud of the way you live your life, what’s the point in ever being phony or deceptive? The problem is it’s easy for nearly anyone to form bad habits. Bend a truth here. Stretch reality there. Is it time for you to re-focus and make yourself even swankier than before by getting real?

standard SL 32 – Outstanding Online Dating Advice and Tips from Adam Gilad

Communication is a tough subject, with distinct neurological differences in the wiring of men and women’s brains. Men communicate data, while women communicate to connect. Jake Swank is joined by dating and relationship expert, Adam Gilad, for an explanation of effective communication in online dating. For details, listen at: Some of the tips Adam gives for effective profiles are:  Men need to learn the language of sensuality in order to create a romantic atmosphere for a woman; humor, sweetness, boldness; create trust with pictures of your social life, such as photos of family and friends, charity or sports events, that give an idea of the kind of life you both have together; and set a high bar of morality. Adam also talks about communicating that you are …

standard SL 31 – Getting Her Attention Through Texting with Bobby Rio

As Bobby Rio expresses, times have changed in the dating scene – the reality is that getting a girl’s phone number and making a simple phone call to initiate a date just doesn’t apply. Girls are always on their phone texting and your text messages need to stand out and get her attention. Jake Swank and returning guest, Bobby Rio, talk about the new process of texting your way to a date. Listen at: Bobby shares the three important steps to make your texts stand out: Getting her attention by sparking an emotion, making a connection with her with something that makes her feel special, and the push – going for the date. Bobby gives real life examples of texts that work. For instance, …

standard SL 30 – The Seduction Roadmap with Jon Sinn

Sinns of Attraction founder, Jon Sinn, joins Jake Swank to discuss social dynamics and Jon’s system, “The Seduction Roadmap.” Jon’s system takes a scientific approach to helping men get women. Jon says throw out the flowchart because every woman is different. “Every pick-up is a unique and dynamic experience,” Jon stresses. He also says a guy needs to understand what he wants, too, and what type of approach he’s most comfortable with when connecting with a woman, i.e. direct or indirect. What do you do in an awkward moment? What mistakes do men make when approaching women? To hear some of Jon Sinn’s tips, listen at: Learn the difference between night games and day games, when it’s appropriate to tease and when to avoid it, even the …

standard SL 29 – Love Types with Dr. Alexander Avila

On this episode of Swank Life, Jake Swank interviews author and creator of Love Types: Discover Your Romantic Style and Find Your Soul Mate, Dr. Alexander Avila.  Finding the “right” person can be difficult at best. For details of the show, please visit: . Dating is often like a masquerade ball, where each partner conceals his or her true self behind a mask of best behavior for a while. Eventually the masks slip. In 1921, Carl Jung laid out what he felt were personality differences that determined behavior, perception, and experiences, and he named them Introversion/Extroversion, Intuition/Sensation, and Thinking/Feeling. From this theory, the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator was born and is today the most widely used test for normal personality. Based on these famous works, Dr. Alexander  Avila …

standard Swankettes Set to Challenge Tempe12 Dominance

The Tempe12 girls might not be quaking in their bare naked feet just yet, but there is a calendar challenger lurking on the horizon. We’ll call them the Swankette Sisters, not because it’s a swanky name derived directly from founder Jake Swank’s own moniker but . . . well, actually that’s exactly why we call them that. Each and every girl featured on the inaugural 2013 Swankette Calendar cleaves tighter than a layer of suntan oil to the idea that a life lived without swankiness is scarcely a life at all.

standard SL 28 – “Alphadog” with Wing Girl Kim

Join Jake Swank as he interviews Wing Girl Kim, author of Alphadog, Get the Bitch You Want. Wing Girl Kim (Kiai Kim) gives a woman’s perspective on dating, going beyond the typical dating advice and pickup tactics to explore leadership principles in dating, i.e. the Alphadog image. For more details, listen at: She talks about why she chose the dog to teach dating advice and principles, as well as describing the pack mentality in humans, whether in business, family, or even dating. Wing Girl Kim examines what women really want, saying that most women want a man with leadership abilities, not the macho image. Men have a tendency to come off too strong and Kim advises men to step back, slow down, and give the woman space …

standard Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

There’s no way around it. Long distance relationships are tough. Maybe one of the most difficult romantic choices a person can make, and therein lies the rub. Only a bona fide cretin would set out with the express purpose of finding a lover many time zones away, especially given the inherent accompanying stress of not being able to see your sweetie on a daily basis, but it still happens. However, once you make the decision to go that route, we’re talking simple survival.