standard Secret Societies Are Swank (and sometimes silly)

There’s something inherently swanky about belonging to a secret society. Not only do you get to gather in clandestine locations, deliver secret handshakes, and undergo ancient initiation rituals, but you also can also (secretly of course) lord it over all your fellow non-members of the human race. Many of us were introduced to our first secret society via the old Our Gang television and movie shorts. Remember the He-Man Woman Haters Club?

With conspiracy theories gone wild in the modern world, we at Swank Life thought it would be nice to list our favorite secret societies. Sorry, we can’t reveal whether we are or aren’t members. At the very least, every swanky man or woman should be conversant on the topic.

Skull and Bones

Founded in 1832, the Yale University Skull and Bones society is a not very secret

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student group that has managed to spawn a few presidents and many other citizens of fame and fortune. Though some conspiracy theorists like to think that Skull and Bones created the CIA, there’s been no proof of that – yet. Though recent decades have seen much ado made over the “secrecy” of the membership list, this was public knowledge until sometime in the 1970s.


Masons love their secret handshakes and signs. They also love to conduct rituals built on a traditions going all the way back to 1717. Depending upon whom you listen to, the Masons are either the history’s greatest puppet masters pulling the strings on almost all of human activity or just a bunch of people who get really excited about working with bricks. You decide.

The Knights Templar

Don’t confuse this group with the original Knights Templar, a religious military group from the 12th century (read Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code if you want an “education” on the topic). The modern day Knights Templar are actually an offshoot of the Freemasons.

The Iluminati

Perhaps more than any other secret group, the Illuminati are credited by many to be the prime movers behind the governments of the world. Illuminati members are generally assumed to be based on humanist/atheist principles and also devotees of an eventual One World Government. The Illuminati are a radical offshoot of The Enlightenment Period and have been officially organized since about 1776.

There are dozens of other secret societies but these are a few of the most well known. Others of note are the Bilderberg Group, the Priori of Sion, and Opus Dei. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to list a secret society on your swanky resume? (Top image: Flickr | Paddy's D90s)

The Swank Life Team