standard Step Aside Harlem Shake – Meet a Real Dance Craze

Sorry to disappoint all you Harlem Shake aficionados out there, but this sucker’s fifteen minutes of fame is long gone. Not only is it merely a lame derivative of the Harlem Shuffle, which originated in the Harlem ballrooms of the 1960s, but it makes the almost as vapid Gangnam Style of 2012 look like the height of creativity by comparison.
You want to talk dance crazes? Here are ten any swanky dude or dudette will recognize. Keep in mind we’re talking about actual dances here, not just dance moves. That explains the absence of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk. Alrighty then. Here we go.
The Mashed Potato: Back in the ‘60s, bands were writing songs for the express purpose of creating a dance craze. A few of them really took off. This …

standard Famous (and soon to be) Calendars

There’s something about a calendar that speaks to humanity’s inner clock. We each have been granted only a short
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time on earth and – before you know it – another year is gone and we’re one step closer to finding out where it is we go …

standard Robin Leach is Not Dead Yet

Those readers of a certain age should remember the mid-1980s through the early 1990s television show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, hosted by a celebrity reporter turned media personality, Robin Leach. From the files of – “Are you sure he’s not dead?” – we have it on good authority that the man best known for celebrating wretched capitalistic excess with bombastic fervor recently turned up alive and well in, of course, Las Vegas.
essays on leadership
At 71 years of age, Leach decided to host a 30th reunion celebration of the original show. These days he spends his time in Sin City running an entertainment news website and doing charity work for Keep Memory Alive, an organization that researches neurocognitive disorders.
At this point, we’d like to make a short …

standard Swanktastic Halloween

Depending upon your personal preference, Halloween may or may not be the swankiest time of year, but it’s is going to happen and there’s not much you can do about it. Psychologically, it’s easier to roll with the flow than fight the inevitable. Appreciate the childish pranks without reaching for the potato (or real) gun. Deal with the aftermath in a mature, adult fashion. The following tips should help you triage the damage to your vehicles, lawn, and house.
Above all, remember, this is supposed to be fun!
The Wonderful, Yucky Egg
Both the egg yolk and white can corrode painted surfaces faster than you might imagine, so make these your first priority. Most likely, your car will be the one bearing the brunt of this damage. Get out the water …

standard Where to Party this All Hallow’s Eve

If cost is no object, and it never should be to swanky men and women who have been playing their financial cards right, there are a double-handful of perfecto Halloween bashes from coast to coast for you to participate in this coming Halloween. Chances are, you won’t have time to fit in more than one two or three of these world class soirée’s in one evening, even if you keep the private jet fueled up and idling on the runway, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.
Here’s a sampling of great Halloween parties from coast to coast.
Fetish & Fantasy Ball (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Labeled as “One of the Top Ten Events in The World” by the Travel Channel, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a town that knows a …

standard Swank Life Girls vs. the Mayan Calendar

With the release of our 2013 Swank Life Calendar drawing closer by the day, it suddenly dawned on us that another calendar, this one put together by a retro civilization you might have heard of, the Mayans, has gone on record as suggesting that the world is going to end in a little over two months. Or have they? Prior to now, we hoped that this bold prediction would turn out to be a monumental error to be laughed over the morning of December 22.
In fact, according to a recent discovery in the jungles of Guatemala, the Mayan scribes and astronomers never actually claimed there would be a global apocalypse at the end of the current ancient calendar. The 1,200 year-old “workshop” that was discovered and discussed in …

standard Atlas Finishes Shrugging

As we put fingers to keyboard, the cinematic release of the conclusion to Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand, is less than 10 hours away. To most people, this probably qualifies as a non-event. The first film cost only $20 million to make, was shown in fewer than 300 theaters domestically, and earned back a paltry figure of less than $5 million, an anemic performance by any measuring stick.
With the sequel set to show in over a thousand theaters, there’s a chance it will make at least somewhat of a bigger splash than part one, but we shall see. The problem the film ran into the first time around was that – adapted from Ayn Rand’s magnum opus and applauding the themes of individual responsibility and capitalism – leftist …

standard The Swank Life Guide to Literary References

With the Swank Life Guide to Literary References, you too can be a literary snob without even having to read the source material! Seriously, who has time to wade through hundreds of pages of what is essentially dreck with a few golden nuggets hidden sporadically inside? By incorporating the following ten references into your everyday patter, your friends and enemies will think you’re the best read person they know.

How swank is that?

standard Vietnam is Now a Luxury Travel Destination

<a rel="attachment wp-att-674" href="http://swanklife.com/blog/swankette-sisters-set-to-challenge-tempe12-dominance/attachment/2617276183_7292a9cbec_m/"><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-674" src="http://swanklife.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/2659491377_9b79a3ecbf_m.jpg" alt="" width="240" height="180" /></a>With the end of the Vietnam War nearly 40 years in the rearview mirror, it might surprise some readers to learn that our old communist foe is turning into a desirable travel destination for the well-heeled set and others. To US military veterans who served in combat there and would rather remove their spleen with a rusty fork than ever set foot on Vietnamese soil again – we mightily respect both your service to your country and your opinion – but it doesn’t change the reality that Vietnam and Cambodia have become the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia.

standard Meet the Most Expensive Hotels in the World

If you’re “lucky” enough to be a one-percenter, or plan to be join that club someday, this following list of the world’s most expensive hotels should give you something to set your sights on. After all, why be satisfied with a gutter rate of a few hundred dollars for a place to shower, sleep, and stash your clothes for a few hours when you can spend, literally, tens of thousands. Don’t try this at home unless you’ve got a REALLY resilient credit card.