standard All I Want for Christmas is Just One Viral Video

Is it swanky to be the progenitor of a viral video? In a word, yep. There is no better way in today’s world to get your brand out there in a big way in a short amount of time. the trouble with creating a viral video is that the process to success is nebulous. Like sand, the tighter you grasp it, the faster it slips through your fingers. This doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea. Just realize it’s not a sure thing, no matter how much money and time you throw at it.
You’ve seen the kind of videos we’re talking about. Criminally cute kittens. A Korean rapper who became a worldwide overnight sensation thanks to his innate ability to dance like a horse.
What’s the big …

standard Luxury Travel – What’s Hot for the Rest of 2014?

Sophisticated luxury travelers want to have the experience ahead of the curve. If the Smiths’ and the Joneses have already been there flying coach class, no thanks. We’ll find something else. There are a few things that motivate the swanky to get up and globetrotting: get somewhere first; stretch your comfort zone; find a new mode of travel.
Let’s polish up our glass ball and see where you should set your sights for the rest of 2014.
Get there First
Even if you’re super adventurous, we’re going to leave war zones out of our recommendations. There’s “ahead of the curve” and then there’s “out of your mind.” We don’t like luxury travel with a high percentage of disembowelments or wrongful imprisoning. Cuba is still hot on our list, especially as Fidel …

standard The Ridiculous Edge of Infinity at Marina Bay Sands

Once in a great while you stumble across a man-made marvel so unique, so stupefying, so ridiculous that it immediately goes onto the bucket list. The Skypark Infinity Pool at the top of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore fits the bill. Take a gander at the view in the photo down there. Your eyes do not deceive you. It’s no trick of photography or fakery of perspective.
Nope, that pool sits atop 55 floors of luxury rooms and suites! And that’s the skyline of the grand city of Singapore spread out directly adjacent to and BELOW you.
To some, it seems like the perfect recipe for an effects-laden disaster movie; to others, sheer nirvana. If the idea of cavorting like a dolphin in cool, refreshing water at a height …

standard Profile of a Fake Internet Girl

Long before Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o found himself duped by an Internet girl who was actually a dude, scammers have been posting fake profiles on dating websites. While some may do it solely for the jollies, most have a very simple goal; get you to send them money.
The bad news is that sometimes they’re sneaky. The good news is that sometimes they’re not. In fact, the dating website Seeking Arrangement has been able to pinpoint a fairly specific set of profile choices that often point to the fact that you’re dealing with a fake.
Here are some of the characteristics: Catholic, Nigerian, widowed, hold a doctoral degree of some sort. Seeking Arrangement screeners identify and delete about 220 profiles daily that they suspect of not being on the …

standard Life’s Too Short for Bad Movies

Does a swank cinephile invite his best girl over to his pad and pull up Fast and Furious 5 or Transformers on Netflix? If so, get thee to the back of the line. You can’t be swank on a diet of fast food entertainment. Seriously. If you’re
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standard The Internet Makes Gamblers of Day Traders

It used to be, back before the dawn of history – say 1990 – that buying or selling a stock was an arduous process. Pick up the phone. Call your broker. Tell him what you want to do. Sit back and wait for him to call his people and consummate the transaction, earning a nice little piece of the action for all his trouble. The interesting thing to note here is that it took a matter of time before the deal was done, anywhere from several minutes to a few hours.
The very nature of the beast created a sort of forced patience that, for better or worse, created investors with a portfolio better suited for long-term thinking. In case you haven’t taken a look lately, things have changed …

standard Stuff You Should Stop Doing After 40

While we’re strong proponents for maintaining youth as long as possible, we also favor giving up stupidity at the earliest opportunity. Certain activities that were swank in college probably aren’t now. If you’re not picking up what we’re putting down, let’s get specific. By the time you’ve been on the planet four decades, it’s not so swank to do:

Jell-O shots – If you have no idea what this is, congratulations.
Karaoke after Jell-O shots – Okay, pretty much anything involving Jell-O shots should have gone the way of the dinosaur by now.
Karoake – Sure, it’s funny at first but at what cost? Dignity?
Karaoke after midnight – Okay, pretty much anything involving karaoke is out after 40.
Breaking a plank with your head, hand, foot, elbow, butt, or any other body …

standard 4 Stupid Apps and Where to Find Them

Leave it to humanity to go above and beyond in creating apps that increase work productivity and make life easier. When it comes right down to it, though, people are really all about the things that matter: who’s hot and who’s not, the necessity of butt wipes for the well-groomed man, how well a woman’s bra fits, and sharing their deepest secrets with a few million of their closest online friends.
Here are four apps you probably could live without, but do you really want to?
Business Insider says about Whisper: “…the iPhone and Android app that lets people anonymously share their deepest and darkest secrets, is becoming a treasure trove of opinionated information regarding social issues, technology, violence, and more. Since launching in May 2012, more than 2 million …

standard 3 Swanky Things to Do in 2013

Well, we’re almost halfway through the year, which means it’s time to take a look back and assess your Swanky Quotient (SQ). Have you done anything exceptionally swanky this year? Jake Swank is proud to report that he went to Necker Island and partied with billionaire Richard Branson. That’s pretty swanky, right? But if you’re feeling like a loathsome toad because your life is so boring, we’re here with three specific suggestions for activities that are swanky enough to make your friends gasp out loud.
Hire four sledgehammer-swinging men to destroy your $420,000 Maserati: This one is too awesome for words but we’re going to give it a try anyway. What do you do when you spend nearly half a million dollars on a supercharged Italian sportscar and receive …

standard Turn Your Vacation Home into an ATM

Jake Swank thinks it’s plain silly to own a vacation home and let it sit there twiddling its thumbs, costing you money the majority of the year. Swanky people have got to change their way of thinking. A vacation home shouldn’t be an expense – it should be an ATM.
The great thing about vacation homes is, well, they’re vacation homes. The kind of crappy thing about vacation homes is they cost money to maintain. Sometimes a lot of money. The good news is that a proper income property investing strategy teaches you how to earn money renting out your vacation home during those times of the year when it’s not in use, which, frankly, is usually quite a bit of the time.
Are you wondering if there’s really a …