Dating in the Swank Life

standard 3 Reasons You Need a Swanky Puppy

While we think puppies are inherently swanky, there’s an even more mercenary reason to get one: nothing scores dates like a cute dog! Seriously, it’s not even close. A recent scientific study found that having a four-legged critter accompany you on a walk in the park decreases your chances of sleeping alone that night by a full 37 percent. Actually, there was no study and we just made that number up, but here are five rock solid reasons a puppy can supercharge your dating life.
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1. Forced Marches: What’s the number one thing you have to do with a puppy? Take them outside, of course. This forces you out of your self-imposed exile of apartment/condo living and makes it more likely you’ll interact with actual people. …

standard Social Capital = Friends with Benefits

And you thought the phrase “friends with benefits” only meant one thing. Shame, shame, shame on you with those lowly minds in the gutter. It turns out that the idea of social capital is an entirely different sort of friends with benefits arrangements that doesn’t have to take place between the sheets. What Jake Swank is (usually) talking about when he refers to social capital is the idea that the social networks we belong to have real value thanks to the “norms of reciprocity,” which is just a fancy way to say people who know and like each other tend to want to help one another out when they can.

standard 10 Reasons Women Should Date Older Guys

Have you heard of the “half your age plus seven” dating rule? It goes like this. To find out the absolute lowest age of anyone you should date, divide your own age by two and add seven years.” For those with math difficulty, that means a 40-year old should not stray below the age of 27. We’re not prudes here, and please don’t make the mistake of shooting the messenger but, perhaps unfortunately, society deems intimate relationships socially acceptable only if the ages of the two parties fall between certain parameters.

standard Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

There’s no way around it. Long distance relationships are tough. Maybe one of the most difficult romantic choices a person can make, and therein lies the rub. Only a bona fide cretin would set out with the express purpose of finding a lover many time zones away, especially given the inherent accompanying stress of not being able to see your sweetie on a daily basis, but it still happens. However, once you make the decision to go that route, we’re talking simple survival.

standard Valentine’s Day 2012 – Assessing the Damage

Guys, listen up. If you ever for a single fleeting instant thought Valentine’s Day was about couples, you’re wrong. Get used to it. Seriously, VD is about your woman lock, stock, and barrel. From beginning to end. Sun up to sundown. The sooner you internalize and accept this fact of life, the better. As far as your personal feelings regarding this made up holiday go, it simply doesn’t matter. Maybe you think it’s the lamest, most useless day of the year. The bottom line is that your woman likely doesn’t share your opinion.
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There’s a line from an Alan Jackson song: “When momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Get the drift? The point is that the sooner you quit fighting the need to do VD …

standard Don’t Bother Trying To Be Mr. Perfect

If your obsessive pursuit of perfection is turning you into a psychopath, here’s some good news: There’s no need to bother. Women don’t expect to find Mr. Perfect anyway. They’re happy to settle for Mr. Good Enough. A recent study of 2,000 women found that the majority of women (75%) rate their partners to be about 69% perfect. By our math, that’s a long ways from perfect, and we’re pretty sure we just heard a collective sigh of relief emanating from all points around the globe.

standard The Seduction Guru Hall of Fame

If it had been a snake it would have bit us! Everything worth a flip has a Hall of Fame: basketball, baseball, hockey, football, bowling, rock & roll. How can it be that there has yet to be erected a Seduction Guru Hall of Fame? If you’re a newbie to the field, consider this article an introduction to the men who have mattered when it comes to teaching poor schlubs the ropes on how to date hotter women. If you’re an old pro, feel free to add your two cents worth on our selections in the comments section.
This is going to be fun!
Ross Jeffries
Ross Jeffries is considered to be the originator of the modern seduction community. He became interested in NLP (Neuro-Linguistc-Programming) and Eriksonian hypnosis in the late …

standard Dating – Get Your Life Together First

Pardon our bluntness, but how do you expect to begin dating beautiful women without putting some effort into making yourself as appealing as possible? This is a tough concept for some guys to wrap their mind around. After all, shouldn’t the most desirable females be falling over themselves to get to you just on the sheer magnetic qualities of your personality? If only it were so easy in real life.

standard Love gone Bad in the Sunshine State

It’s easy to get down on yourself, feeling like your love life couldn’t be worse. Here’s some news for you. It can ALWAYS be worse. Take a gander at the following real items from various Florida newspapers and immediately begin feeling better about yourself. If you recognize yourself anywhere below, sorry, but it appears your decision-making skills need some work.

standard 3 Real Tales of Epic Dating Fails

Sometimes you stumble across a blog so perfect that it needs nothing else added to it. The following is not that blog, though it is pretty darn good. This one needs a warning included. The problem with it is that too many guys will read it and laugh, certain in their mind they would never make such a hideous dating error, then turn around and do something equally stupid when it comes time to ask a girl out next Saturday night. The following comes to us via the auspices of, detailing three solid candidates for “Stupid Dating Dude of the Year.”