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standard Sport Dating for the Modern Don Juan

Dating, that delicate dance for the continuation of our species, has changed greatly for Generation-Y, so much that it resembles a sport more than anything else. Long gone are the days of flowers at the front door, a milkshake at the corner diner, and a chaste peck on the cheek at the end of the night. In its place we have a whirlwind of Facebook status updates, amorphous date etiquette, and a quickening of the whole process.
Are you a sport-dater? Check yourself against the list below.
Home Run on the First Date
To be honest with our word selection, Generation-Y doesn’t really date, but rather sleeps around for varying periods of time. Often it’s a one-night stand and creep out the door before she wakes up. Other times, you may …

standard 4 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Your Sex Appeal

In case you haven’t heard, the world ain’t fair and some of us are less sexy than others. Wait! Don’t throw yourself off a bridge or lay your head on the railroad tracks yet. All hope is not lost for those occupying the lower side of sexy on the spectrum. Your situation can be improved and faster than you might realize. Treat yourself to a big helping of good advice. Here are four ways to instantly increase your sexiness. Today. Right now.
Find a Group
Scientists say that, when confronted with a group of people, the human brain averages the faces. Less attractive people get a boost and the beautiful ones take a hit. If you’re already sexy, avoid groups. They’ll degrade your looks. However, if you hit every branch …

standard The Unswankiness of Financial Ignorance

Jake Swank reminds you that not only will financial illiteracy keep you in the poorhouse indefinitely, you probably won’t garner a second look from that hot girl at the bowling alley while you struggle to compute the tip amount for a pizza. Why are we wasting our time on this topic? Recently, a pair of economists put together a basic three-question quiz. Guess what? 70 percent of U.S. respondents couldn’t pass.
And by basic, we mean basic. Keep reading. Although it could be worse. Russia clocked in at an anemic 4 percent correct percentage.
But with the best performing nations (Germany at 47 percent success and Switzerland at 50 percent) barely able to muster correct answers by half the population, it’s no wonder the global economy appears to be run …

standard Addicted to Technology? Here’s How to Tell…

We’re not neanderthals here at Swank Life. We like technology as much as the next guy, but there’s a time to play and a time to put it away. Are you the dude at the bar who misses the hot looking girl across the room because he simply MUST check his social media activity for the sixth time in three minutes? Do you develop a nervous eye twitch when disconnected from the Internet for more than a few moments? Does the idea of shutting all connectivity down for an entire hour make you break out in hives?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re an idiot. Seriously. Life is what goes on outside the little box, not inside it. Upon reflection, maybe idiot is too harsh. …

standard Profile of a Fake Internet Girl

Long before Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o found himself duped by an Internet girl who was actually a dude, scammers have been posting fake profiles on dating websites. While some may do it solely for the jollies, most have a very simple goal; get you to send them money.
The bad news is that sometimes they’re sneaky. The good news is that sometimes they’re not. In fact, the dating website Seeking Arrangement has been able to pinpoint a fairly specific set of profile choices that often point to the fact that you’re dealing with a fake.
Here are some of the characteristics: Catholic, Nigerian, widowed, hold a doctoral degree of some sort. Seeking Arrangement screeners identify and delete about 220 profiles daily that they suspect of not being on the …

standard Your Love Life: Does It Matter Where You Live?

Is it harder to get a date if you live with your parents? If we’re to believe a recent survey by the real estate website Trulia, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” This and other tidbits of information describing the relationship between your housing status and ability to score romantic evenings out should make for interesting reading to all you swanksters.
Does the Dream Matter?
The American Dream of homeownership is a big deal, right? According to the Trulia survey, don’t sweat it. A full two-thirds of single U.S. adults said owning a home provided no significant advantage when it comes to assessing datability. Only 28 percent are holding out for someone with a mortgage and a white picket fence.
Roommates Don’t Rock
In this high-priced world in which we live, new …

standard How to Throw Away Your Digital Money

You’d think one of the primary advantages to using digital coinage like bitcoins would be they’re impossible to lose or accidentally throw away. If you think that, you’d be wrong. Just ask James Howells from the UK. This young man squirreled away 7,500 bitcoins on his computer hard drive back in 2009 when they were worth barely enough to even remember they existed. Somewhere along the way, he tossed out the computer they were stashed on (along with the cryptographic key to retrieve them). For the past four years that computer hard drive has sat in a trash landfill the size of a football field while bitcoins have exploded in popularity and value.
We know the question you all want answered. How much are James Howells’ 7,500 bitcoins worth …

standard What’s Your Life’s Work Worth?

We came across a list that’s been floating around Facebook lately. We’d love to offer credit and/or place blame for the thing but have no idea where it started. The goal is simple. Add ‘em all up and see what your cash total is. You’ll notice that some activities are worth more than others. For example, you earn a cool ten bucks if you had sex or got in a fist fight. Falling asleep, dying your hair, or peeing in the pool only nets fifty cents.
And remember to take this little list in the spirit with which it is intended. Don’t make the mistake of considering yourself an incredible hero or flat out loser depending upon your score. We found it on Facebook, remember? It can’t be THAT …

standard Life’s Too Short for Bad Movies

Does a swank cinephile invite his best girl over to his pad and pull up Fast and Furious 5 or Transformers on Netflix? If so, get thee to the back of the line. You can’t be swank on a diet of fast food entertainment. Seriously. If you’re
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standard Don’t Be Mr. Insecurity – It’s Chick Repellent

Insecurity is so…icky. It’s the one thing that will likely get you dumped faster than sneezing, burping, and farting all at once during Sunday morning church service. We’re serious. Swankiness and insecurity are polar opposites of the character trait spectrum. So what exactly does it mean to be insecure?
One dictionary defines insecure as “a person not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.” Well, we’re all uncertain or anxious at some point in our lives but we try to control it. Others give in to the madness and end up exhibiting one or more of the following insecurities like a full-blown disease.
Marking Territory
We’ve all seen this dude. The moment another guy looks in the direction of his girlfriend for even the slightest moment in time, he’s all over her …