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standard SL 61 – Is Masculinity Dead – Real Time, Real Men Only with Nicole Welch

Nicole Welch hosts the Real Time: Real Men Podcast. Nicole is a Communications “Facilitator” and helps you change quickly how you think and speak in your pitching and presentations for your business. Nicole is dedicated to people that are interested in having powerful, influential and sustainable relationships in their business and personal life by tapping into their true identity.

Key Takeaways:
[4:58] If masculinity issues are limited to specific generations
[10:55] Feminism’s role in the decline of manhood
[15:01] How immaturity is holding us all back
[20:32] Action items to better our situation
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standard SL 60 – Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) with Kevin Ring

Kevin Ring, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Families Against Mandatory Minimums, former lobbyist and associate to Jack Abramoff, joins the show to talk about our prison system today and the impact it has on all of us.

Key Takeaways:
[2:18] Hear about the kind of money a lobbyist can make
[10:53] The amount of money he spent as a lobbyist that got him sent to prison on bribery charges.
[14:33] The United States incarceration rate and the government’s ability to find a crime you committed
[21:51] How much money Kevin had to spend, while cooperating with the government, to defend himself in court
[26:47] The dangers of privatized prisons
[32:10] What people can do to change the system
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standard SL 59 – The Boomer Guide to Finding True Love Online with Ken Solin

Ken Solin is a dating expert for Huffington Post, AARP,, Maria Shriver and author of “Act Like a Man” and “The Boomer Guide to Finding True Love Online”.

Key Takeaways:
[4:56] When you need to start being emotionally honest in a relationship
[10:17] Dissecting the “opposites attract” theory
[13:23] How to make your online dating profile unique
[17:10] Why he’s a fan of boomer women
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standard SL 57 – What Women Want… REALLY! with Dr Kathryn Foster

Dr. Kathryn Foster is a psychologist and author of What Women Want….Really!: The man’s concise, precision guide for figuring women out.

Key Takeaways:
[5:57] How evolution influences what we want in relationships
[11:57] How evolution impacted how we interpret language and how we can work on it and improve relationships
[17:04] Why women need to maintain women friends
[22:06] The parental relationship’s impact on our relationships
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standard SL 56 – 7 Step System to Find True Love with Deborah Downey

Deborah Downey, certified dating and life coach, author of “What Are You Worried About?”, joins the show to talk about her 7 step system for finding true love.
Key Takeaways:
[5:22] The two basic fears in relationships
[9:39] What daily personal affirmation she recommends
[15:04] Preparing the “outer package” for success
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standard SL 55 – Obscene Thoughts, A Pornographer’s Perspective on Sex, Love, and Dating with Dave Pounder

Time to talk about the Ashley Madison scandal, the evolutionary reasons behind men and women’s sexual behaviors, human’s closet genetic species, why man wasn’t designed to be monogamous and more with Dave Pounder, author of Obscene Thoughts, retired adult film producer, director, and performer.  He is president of Dave Pounder Productions and was executive vice president at Daydream Entertainment Group from 2003-2008.
Key Takeaways:
[6:48] How sexual conflict is created
[12:21] How the Ashley Madison situation shows us evolutionary tendencies
[21:11] There’s nothing wrong with partner variety
[27:15] Discusses his newest porn documentary
[33:44] How sexual tolerance is correlated to the secularness of society
[40:41] The “war on sex”
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standard SL 54 – Find your Significant Other with Dana Michel from Marriage Material
Dana Michel is the founder of Marriage Material, a dating website specifically for people looking for their significant other. What’s different about Dana’s website is that it’s for people looking to settle down with a special someone and it is not catered to people who are looking for short-term flings. Dana explains what her website is about and how it works on today’s show.
Key Takeaways:
[2:10] People on dating websites tend to be looking for a one night stand. Marriage Material is different.
[3:30] What does Marriage Material do differently?
[4:15] What is an amateur matchmaker and how does it work?
[7:10] How do matchmakers make money?
[12:15] In this day and age where people Google your name, clean up your social media a little bit.
[14:40] Have a clear idea of what you’re …

standard SL 53 – The Importance of Women in Our Society with Dr. Melvin Konner

Jason Hartman welcomes Dr. Melvin Konner who is the author of Women After All: Sex, Evolution, and the End of Male Supremacy. Melvin sits down with Jason and talks about the importance of women and how they”ve always played an important roll throughout history. In our society, we”re seeing more women take on higher leadership rolls, more men being stay-at-home parents, and much more on today”s Swank Life episode.
Key Takeaways:
3:40 – Why does genetic variety make us more immune to germs?
7:00 – Men are dependent on women for their own connection to the future and that”s why men fight over women.
10:50 – Women had a voice in hunter and gather societies.
18:10 – Men are usually the instigators and leaders to illegal crimes more so than women.
23:05 – It”s …

standard SL 52 – Five-Minute Relationship Repair Interview with Dr. Susan Campbell

Dr. Susan Campbell talks about her latest book that she co-authored with John Grey titled Five-Minute Relationship Repair on today’s Swank Life. Susan has written nine books on the subject of relationship conflict and resolution. She has also counseled thousands of couples to help better their lives and their communication with their significant other. On the show, Susan talks to Jason about some of the things you can do to live a happier life, communicate better with your partner, and repair some of the negative emotions you experienced as a child.
Key Takeaways:
1:15 – If relationship conflicts are not repaired quickly, your nervous system stays agitated.
4:00 – What needs to happen quickly when you’ve been triggered is to have a pause in the conversation.
7:05 – Susan believes childhood conditioning …