standard Zombie-Proof Real Estate for Sale

While some might doubt the necessity of creating a stronghold against hordes of roaming zombies, the point is not whether zombies actually exist or not – in fact, the Centers for Disease Control swears they don’t – but rather that a website like put together a list of “prime zombie defense real estate.” In case you’re wondering just how much it costs to snag one of these pieces of property, let’s say it’s not cheap. Here are a few examples from Homes.

Epic Lake Castle in Miami, FL ($10.9 million)
This insanely symmetrical, moat-surrounded masterpiece was designed by architect Charles Sieger. While it lacks a working drawbridge, simply destroying the only path that leads into the compound would be a logical first step. The rapper Birdman filmed a music video here, so there’s likely to be an automatic weapon or two that got left behind.

This one’s a little bit cheaper…

Nuclear Missile Silo Home in Saranac, NY ($750,000)
For a home that can withstand a zombie apocalypse, not to mention a nuclear apocalypse and other various apocalypses, $750,000 is a freakin’ bargain. Anyway, it’s a former nuclear silo-turned-luxury home. How cool is that? Paved air-strip gets a nod, but the real bread and butter is the former launch control center that sits behind doors made of three-inch concrete and mesh, 125 feet underground. Oh, and there’s a Jacuzzi down there, too.

And one more, this one in Florida also. Is there something we should know about the zombie threat in the sunshine state?

East Sister Rock Island in Marathon, FL ($12 million)
Private, remote island with its own breaker that has been designed to be self-sustaining with wind turbines and solar panels. Property includes not only a dock, but also a helicopter pad for making your escape, which might come in handy if the zombies pull a “Dawn of the Dead” reboot and figure out how to make a ship out of corpses.

The Yahoo article lists eight more zombie-proof houses which can be viewed here. Good luck out there and always check the peephole before answering the door.

The Jake Swank Team

Flickr / Nivaldo Arruda