standard Your Love Life: Does It Matter Where You Live?

7334025558_6e724ffef9_nIs it harder to get a date if you live with your parents? If we’re to believe a recent survey by the real estate website Trulia, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” This and other tidbits of information describing the relationship between your housing status and ability to score romantic evenings out should make for interesting reading to all you swanksters.

Does the Dream Matter?
The American Dream of homeownership is a big deal, right? According to the Trulia survey, don’t sweat it. A full two-thirds of single U.S. adults said owning a home provided no significant advantage when it comes to assessing datability. Only 28 percent are holding out for someone with a mortgage and a white picket fence.

Roommates Don’t Rock
In this high-priced world in which we live, new college graduates, and even those who have been working for a few years, are loathe to give up the roommate. Having half the monthly rent and utilities paid seems a small price to pay in return for diminished privacy and groceries that mysteriously disappear from the ‘fridge. The problem? A whopping 62 percent of survey respondents say they’d rather date someone who lives alone. Strangely (or maybe not so much), men prefer a solo chick in the big city while women want a hunk of burning love who lives by himself in the suburbs.

The Parental Kiss of Death
This probably comes as a surprise to no one, but living with your parents as an adult makes you essentially undatable. For a diverse number of reasons, almost 25 million adults still live at home with good old mom and dad. Acceptable? Survey says only 5 percent of single adults think it’s okay to date a person still cuddling up in their old bedroom. We can’t say that we really blame the 95 per-centers. After all, any makeout or horizontal bop sessions stand a real chance of being interrupted by a call down to dinner. Not sexy and not okay, boys and girls. If you want to improve your dating life, suck it up, get a job, and rent your own place, even if it is only a van down by the river.

Don’t lose hope! There’s always cohabitation, a practice which a full 74 percent of respondents deem an okay alternative to marriage for a while. (Image: Flickr | Danny Choo)

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