standard You Say “Gold Digging” Like it’s a Bad Thing

SwankLife.comConventional wisdom used to say that it was always the woman who kept her eye peeled for the upwardly mobile, wealthy, successful man to latch onto and enjoy the ride to the top. Some people call it gold digging – we prefer the term “common sense.” Almost half a century after it began in earnest in the 1960’s, the feminist movement has implanted its will on the public at large (for better and for worse, in our opinion) and the ultimate equalizer has arrived to change the game: the male gold digger.

Back when our country was more patriarchal in nature, society didn’t provide much of an opportunity for a woman to earn her own wealth in business, climb to the top of the corporate ladder, or make her name in politics. In case you haven’t noticed, those days are long gone. Cases in point – Oprah Winfrey, Meg Whitman, and Sarah Palin. These three ladies have each taken a gentleman along for a dizzying ride through the stratosphere of fame and wealth. Did these guys set out to gold dig their way to the top on the pants suit tails of a smart cookie of a woman?

Probably not. We males don’t generally think that far in advance, but now might be a good time to start. How can you get your ticket to a swankier life punched without having to do the hard work of earning all that money yourself? This pains us to resort to this illustration, but where would John Kerry be if he hadn’t latched onto Teresa Heinz-Kerry, of ketchup producing fame? Probably still tossing his medals over a fence somewhere in preparation for a career as assistant manager at McDonald’s, which is about as far as his natural talents would take him.

But somewhere along the way he must have learned to approach and impress women – at least one woman, that is, and she was a grieving widow, so we’re not sure that counts. The point is this. Gold digging is not just for women any more. We have it on good authority that a certain someone around the Swank Life offices is crushing hard on Taylor Swift. The young lass made $45 million dollars last year, which makes her a likely target for profitable gold digging. Just remember to take care when approaching a celebrity who could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams of avarice. There’s a fine line between approaching and stalking.

The Swank Life Team

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