standard Yes, Bob, There ARE Crazy Women

SwankLife.comNo, despite her ever-loving eternal efforts to convince you to the contrary, the problem is not always you and, yes, there is such a thing as a crazy woman. We’ve met a few in our time on earth. It’s really not that hard to identify them up front, but too many AFC’s are so desperate to latch onto anything with estrogen that they ignore some pretty big waving red flags.

The trouble with identifying a crazy woman is that she can appear normal at first glance but, with a little bit of training, you can learn to spot the danger signs, make your excuses, and run like hell. In particular, pay attention to:

When you say, “No.”
Believe it or not, most women, the sane ones anyway, like the idea of a strong, male partner who makes good decisions and sticks with them. However, women also have a near-infallible BS detector built into their psyche. If they detect you’re being wishy-washy or not totally committed to your decision, expect

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to be tested, but keep in mind she doesn’t want to control you – unless she’s crazy. Crazy women actually do want to control you. Run for the hills.

Emotions are okay – mostly.

Everybody except sociopathic serial killers have emotions. nothing wrong with that. Expressing emotion doesn’t mean she’s unstable. In fact, be wary of the woman who seems to operate without emotion because there’s a good chance she’s repressing it. When it blows, watch out for the shrapnel. The tendency to become emotional and take it out on you when you had nothing whatsoever to do with the situation is bad bad bad. Name calling and vicious remarks? Red flag!

It should be such a simple matter, but compliments become a tool of the devil when given to a crazy woman. She’ll think you only bought flowers because you want sex. This casting of genuinely kind behavior in negative terms is a flashing marquee on her forehead: KEEP MOVING! NOTHING BUT PAIN AND MISERY HERE! Then there’s the whole entitlement mentality a beautiful woman often adopts. If her response to a compliment is anything other than a sincere smile and, “Thank you,” there’s a good chance you should quietly back away.

Good luck out there.

The Swank Life Team

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