standard With NLP, the Experience is the Thing

SwankLife.comIf you find yourself still living the life of an Average Frustrated Chump when it comes to dating, maybe it’s time to put a little Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) into your knowledge set. We couldn’t help but notice that 90% of article readers just experienced a slight twitch in their clicking finger. Wait! Don’t leave yet. Every swanky guy needs at least a working knowledge of NLP. It might even hold the key to getting more dates with hotter girls.

Without getting too scientific and wacky, NLP is based on two suppositions. The first is that human beings can never know reality. Sorry, mate, that’s the simple truth if you believe in NLP. Whatever reality might be, we can only experience it through the somewhat murky and untrustworthy gauze of our own perception. We interpret reality through our own sensory systems. The map we mentally draw that defines “reality” is not an accurate map constructed through any sort of objectivity at all. It’s this neuro-linguistic map that governs our behavior – not reality itself. That’s a pretty powerful concept, especially if taken to a further extent that concludes we are not normally limited by reality but, rather, the faulty map of reality we have drawn for ourselves.

The second concept of NLP is that our life and mind and how we interact with our environment are all part of a complex arrangement of systems and sub-systems reliant on one another. We can’t separate out a part of that system because they all interact and influence each other.

Having said all that, the question becomes what is NLP and how can it help you get dates? Since it’s a given that humans cannot create an objective map of their life experience, the default position is to create the fullest map possible, one that is based on the most experiences and perspectives. The end result is excellence comes from having many choices, and wisdom comes from having many perspectives. While we at Swank Life don’t claim to be experts on the subject, we’re going to find one and talk to him about this stuff. Meanwhile, keep approaching. Remember, more experiences are better, and they can’t all be good.

The Swank Life Team

Flickr / Jeff Denberg