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SwankLife.comIt wasn’t so long ago that our society operated on a strictly division of gender basis. Women stayed at home, raised children and cooked meals. Men, harkening back to their macho cave man predecessor, stomped off to the factory, office, or whichever place of business they had convinced to trade time for money. This arrangement persisted for a few thousand years, for better or for worse, until something happened.

The divorce rate increased and the family unit came apart at the seams. By choice in some instances, necessity in others, women began entering the workplace in larger numbers. The interesting part of watching this situation play itself out over the course of a few decades is to notice how the natural talents of the female gender are turning the good old boys club inside out. Certainly no thinking person would deny that the male has natural talents but there’s a good chance that our gender counterparts will come to rule the business world as surely as they ruled the home. And while the average male is willing and able to face an opponent head on and decide who the superior brute is through fisticuffs, we don’t even know the status quo is under attack in this case.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher makes the case in her book “The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and How They Are Changing the World.” Fisher is of the opinion that the way the female brain works is changing the landscape of modern business right under mens’ very noses, and this might not necessarily be a bad thing. Women tend to think contextually, are better at long term planning, dealing with ambiguity, and seeking a win-win situation in matters of conflict of opinion. They are also generally more linguistically skilled and compassionate. Is any of this a bad thing?

Maybe not. Fisher’s conclusion is that we’re inadvertently working toward a more collaborative society in which the sexes spend less time butting heads over issues and more time working towards a business and family life that is better for everyone. This could be a touchie-feelie liberal dose of pablum – or she might just know what she’s talking about.

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