standard Why Women CRAVE a Renaissance Man

SwankLife.comUnfortunately, a large selection of the available men today wouldn’t make it to first base with a woman in James Bond’s world – hell, they wouldn’t get out of the batter’s box. It’s not because they’re not capable. The problem is that, to be brutally honest, they’re kind of dull, boring and with all the conversational depth of Sponge Bob on a hamburger binge. And we’re not saying that your evening’s paramour is only looking for conversation but, if you give her good talk, the chances for an escalating intimate encounter rise dramatically.

What’s the big deal about a damn Renaissance Man anyway? Aren’t they just fancy boys who spend all their time with their head in a textbook? Or one of those re-enactors who travel to Renaissance festivals and talk weird? That seems like too much work just to get laid. Oh boy, we have seriously got our work cut out in educating you. Let’s cut through the crap and take a look at where the term came from.

Some people say Renaissance Man. Others might call the idea Homo Universalis, Polymath, Jack of All Trades or, in the case of Leonardo da Vinci, Universal Genius. To boil it down to something we understand today, a Renaisance Man develops his knowledge and skill set to a level most men never achieve. It’s not that they can’t – they simply don’t. Perhaps the seduction of the latest video game or football contest on television is simply too great to bother with becoming the sort of man that sets female antennas a’quivering when he walks into a room.

The Renaissance Period occurred between the 14th and 17th centuries, beginning in Italy and spreading across Europe. Not only was a man expected to develop a broad knowledge of science, philosophy and theology, but to round himself in other ways. He should speak several languages, play an instrument, write poetry, speak well, be athletic: all of this in a manner of quiet confidence without being showy or boastful. The sad reality is that there are precious few Renaissance Men treading the planet in today’s world; you don’t even have to lift yourself to the specific heights of those fabled men of yore to stand head and shoulders above the average specimen competing for the attention of the fairer sex in your area.

Dare to stretch yourself and there’s no telling what you might achieve.

The Swank Life Team

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