standard Which is Swankiest – Activity or Exercise?

The Swank Life ShowAt Swank Life we realize that there is an issue that needs to be addressed early in the game. The truth is we like to use the word “swank.” A lot. The great thing about swank is, like the F word, it can be employed as almost any part of speech: adverb, noun, verb (that’s a fun one), adjective – you get the idea. As a heretofore underutilized part of the English language, we decided we should at least offer a cursory definition before proceeding. Keep in mind your real swank education will be delivered through the pages of this blog and via the Swank Life Show podcasts available here also.

One online sources defines swank as “imposingly fashionable and elegant, posh or ritzy.”

The Urban Dictionary offers a few other on target descriptions such as “super unexplainably spiffy” or “cool, awesome, and hip.”

Either of those work for us. Swank Life is about being all those things and more. Yesterday we discussed the idea of the Renaissance Man and the concept of developing both body and mind to its utmost capacity to send your Seduction Quotient to the sky. What we’ve come to realize is that lots of guys work out. Does that make them automatically swanky? Well, er…umm…no! The mere fact that you devote 76.4% of your waking time to moving a weight bar a few inches this way and then a few inches that way does not a swankster dude make.

We’re here to tell you moderation is the key in all things. You can’t be well-balanced if you spend all your time working out. Mix in a little activity with all that iron pumping. Find a energizing game of pick-up basketball, take a jog through the city, ski, surf, hike – you get the idea. Tossing weights around with the guys insures that the only people you’re ever going to meet is those guys and that so misses the point of being swanky. Our final answer is this – if the question is activity or exercise – we come down firmly on the side of BOTH! You’re going to need a regular program of moderate weight room dedication to develop your manly physique but don’t forget to get outside and flex your social activity muscles at the same time.

Maybe, just maybe, that cute girl you keep running into at the coffee shop is up for an afternoon game of water polo. Or badminton. You never know unless you ask.

The Swank Life Team