standard When It’s Good to Be Dumped by Your Girlfriend…

SwankLife.comJust like on those cheesy commercials, you get dumped out of the blue by your girlfriend via text. No warning. No signs. Or you uncover such a blatant case of cheating that it seems like she wanted to get caught. Here’s the truth of the matter. Maybe she did want to get caught. Maybe the strong, independent guy she hooked up with has morphed into a whiny, sniveling half-girl/half-man that she can’t stand to be around any more.

Maybe you are that and maybe you’re not, but that’s not the point of this article. What we’re here to say is that you should learn to embrace being dumped by your girlfriend or cheated on because either she was the one with the ‘nads to pull the plug on a relationship that wasn’t working or, in the case of cheating, revealed her true nature of general untrustworthiness.

“But,” you say. “Jake Swank, learned swami of all that is worth knowing about the female of the species. What if the relationship was going great?”

Good gosh. We hear this question so many times it literally makes us throw up a little in our mouths each time. News flash. If one person breaks up with another one, the relationship wasn’t going swell. Doesn’t matter if the other person didn’t have a clue. A couple means there must be two happy people. If your girlfriend, for whatever reason might have been flitting around in her brain, decides to end it (the relationship that is, not your life or hers), you should shake her hand and sincerely thank her because she just saved you a heck of a lot of heartache and trouble down the road.

It’s better to get that Band-Aid yanked off your hairy arm today than wait years or months when it’s going to feel more like a hundred Band-Aids. Trust us on this one. Don’t waste time trying to convince her that she should retract the break-up. How desperate and ultimately unfulfilling is that? Take it like a man, shake her hand in a gentlemanly manner and try to stifle the prayer that she suffer an eternity in the Pit of Flaming Souls.

If it wasn’t meant to be, why try to make it be? In case you haven’t noticed lately, there’s more than one girl walking the streets – and, no, we’re not suggesting you start dating prostitutes. You got dumped by your girlfriend. It’s what makes life more interesting, right?

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