standard What’s Your Life’s Work Worth?

7305816284_b3d786dd91_mWe came across a list that’s been floating around Facebook lately. We’d love to offer credit and/or place blame for the thing but have no idea where it started. The goal is simple. Add ‘em all up and see what your cash total is. You’ll notice that some activities are worth more than others. For example, you earn a cool ten bucks if you had sex or got in a fist fight. Falling asleep, dying your hair, or peeing in the pool only nets fifty cents.

And remember to take this little list in the spirit with which it is intended. Don’t make the mistake of considering yourself an incredible hero or flat out loser depending upon your score. We found it on Facebook, remember? It can’t be THAT important. So, now we’re going to step aside. Drag out the old calculator or borrow your friends fingers and toes, and let’s see what the damage amounts to.

1. Had sex ($10.00)
2. Smoked ($3.00)
3. Got drunk ($7.00)
4. Went skinny dipping ($5.00)
5. Kissed someone of the opposite sex ($5.00)
6. Kissed someone of the same sex ($5.00)
7. Cheated on a test ($2.00)
8. Fell asleep in class ($0.50)
9. Been expelled ($5.00)
10. Been in a fist fight ($10.00)
11. Stole something ($2.00)
12. Done drugs ($5.00)
13. Dyed your hair ($0.50)
14. Cried yourself to sleep ($1.00)
15. Been in love ($4.00)
16. Got caught doing something that you
shouldn’t have been doing ($1.00)
17. Went streaking ($4.00)
18. Got arrested ($5.00)
19. Made out with someone ($2.00)
20. Peed in the pool ($0.50)
21. Played spin the bottle ($1.00)
22. Done something you regret ($3.00)

For reference, a nameless member of our office staff came up to $38. We’re not sure if we should be impressed or snicker a bit behind his back. What does this have to do with living the swank life? Uhhh…we’re not sure. It’s going to take more research to determine whether the activities listed here contribute positively or reduce your swank score. Not everything in this world has to be swank! Sometimes you do something just because it’s there.

One thing. If you’re one of those people who pee in the pool, Jake Swank would like to request you keep that information to yourself. There are some things no one wants to know. (Image: Flickr | Rock Cousteau)

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