standard Truths About Human Attraction

8798364399_c0f30584c8The truths of human attraction. They’re not written down in any playbook we know about, though it seems like these would be pretty important things to know before heading into the dating jungle. You may have noticed a few of the following on the periphery of your recognition as you stumble through life, but Jake Swank is here to tell you you’re not imagining things.
It’s real!

NOW She’s Hot: You barely even noticed the chick before but now your best friend tells you that woman is hot for your body. Suddenly, Plain Jane looks like a drop dead hottie. Where the heck did this mutual attraction come from? Were you drugged? It’s actually very simple. Being liked by someone else creates a complimentary state of existence that didn’t exist before. Maybe that hook nose sort of flatters her face…

It’s All About a Symmetrical Face: There’s no denying the human brain loves symmetry. Eyes, noses, mouths all lined up and stuff. It’s probably a throwback to the caveman days and the potential to create perfect little symmetrical babies that would be able to survive in the cold, cruel world.


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When It’s Not: Before you get all out-of-control, we’ll be the first to admit that there are a plethora of examples of craggy, geometrically unbalanced faces that are considered sex symbols. Back in the day, Bogart was an unlikely choice to become a celluloid hero. More recently, Sylvester Stallone? Ellen Barkin. Ryan Gosling? On second thought, forget we ever brought up this whole perfect features topic at all.

Hungry Men Like Heavier Women: Come on, you know it’s true.

Drive Yourself Crazy With Pedestals: It’s perfectly obvious that the higher the pedestal you place a woman on, the more you want her. How many hearts have been broken by this strange phenomenon? More than a few. Need to save yourself from a particular vision of womanly perfection? Take a REAL close look and start to notice the all-too-human imperfect details. That’ll bring her down a notch, in your estimation, and maybe return your sanity at the same time.

Oh, and one final tip. It’s been proved so many times there isn’t any doubt. If you want to be perceived as more sexual, wear red. Trust us. It works. (Image: Flickr | istolethetv)

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