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4640356465_9c850c43c6We know the temptation is there, fellas. The girl you’ve been, yearning, pining, and hallucinating for finally came to her senses and agreed to go on a date with you. After all the mental buildup, you want to make that first outing a night for the ages. You know, make a BIG splash. The kind of date she’ll never forget and that just might encourage her to come back for a seconds.

Simmer down there, lover boy. Unless you own a private jet and can afford to give her Paris, Rome, and Miami all at once, we’d like to suggest you start out low-key and traditional. There’ll be plenty of time for all those crazy ideas later. A recent Ask Men man-on-the-street interview with a handful of lads and lasses still in the dating pool confirmed the following.

Heads up, guys. Women prefer a traditional first date that includes boring standbys like movie and dinner. And something else. Conversation! How can you get to know her if you’re shooting skeet or kickin’ it front row center at the local roller derby finals?

And the number one complaint from our female panel is a guy that talks too much or too little, with the overwhelming complaint directed at dudes who start bragging about themselves early and never pause to ask questions of their date. Seriously, this is just bad, bad, stupid strategy unless your goal is to never see her again.

Why do we do it, guys? Why can’t we find a nice balance between verbal diarrhea and swallowing your tongue? The truth is, unless you’re a confirmed narcissist, the problem is likely that you’re trying too hard. Relax. Chill Out. Dating is supposed to be fun. Remember? While we can’t turn you into Don Juan in a single article, make an effort to feel comfortable in your own skin, quit worrying about knockin’ boots at the end of the evening and get interested in the sweet little gal sitting across the table from you.

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