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If it had been a snake it would have bit us! Everything worth a flip has a Hall of Fame: basketball, baseball, hockey, football, bowling, rock & roll. How can it be that there has yet to be erected a Seduction Guru Hall of Fame? If you’re a newbie to the field, consider this article an introduction to the men who have mattered when it comes to teaching poor schlubs the ropes on how to date hotter women. If you’re an old pro, feel free to add your two cents worth on our selections in the comments section.

This is going to be fun!

Ross Jeffries
Ross Jeffries is considered to be the originator of the modern seduction community. He became interested in NLP (Neuro-Linguistc-Programming) and Eriksonian hypnosis in the late 80’s and early 90’s and used it as the basis for his Speed Seduction method. Early versions of Speed Seduction focused on several areas. First, having more empowering beliefs about women: that they enjoy sex and that you should not supplicate to them. Inner game techniques to help men feel more confident around women using for example anchoring and hypnosis techniques. Finally techniques focused on creating various positive states in women. These include fascination, intrigue, connection and attraction amongst others. These latter states are often induced through language patterns and stories. These rehearsed stories are designed to elicit specific emotions and feelings in women. In recent years Ross Jeffries has moved away from strict use of rehearsed patterns and more towards the spontaneous creation of hypnotic language, building confidence through inner game techniques as well as yoga and meditation techniques.

Neil Strauss
Neil Darrow Strauss (known as “Style”) is best known today as a pick up artist and dating advisor, and the man who revealed the underground ‘pick up artist community’ to the world. In his early 30s Neil Strauss sought out and studied with the best of the pick up artist and dating advice community. Under their mentorship he went from a guy with very little experience with women to one of the most well respected and successful members of the pick up artist community in just 2 years. His book “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-Up Artists” was published in 2005 and exposed the pick up artist community to the world. The book quickly became a bestseller, and today has been read by millions of men around the world. On the back of the book’s success Style launched “Stylelife” a dating coaching company in 2006 and continues to be involved in some of its coaching and seminars (although he has a team of dating coaches that do most of the work now).

Erik Von Markovik
Erik Von Markovik, also known as Mystery, is the originator of the majority of pick up artist knowledge. Mystery has been and remains perhaps the most influential thinkers of the community. Today he provides services through Venusian Arts and has risen to celebrity status through his reality TV show “The Pick Up Artist” on VH-1 (two seasons). Due to his having invented many of the key principles of what is today known as pick up artistry, he is well respected by the seduction/ pick up artist community. Mystery’s concepts and dating techniques have been inspired upon in some way for the creation of most of the training materials and products in the dating world today.

David DeAngelo
Eben Pagan is the founder of the “Double Your Dating” company under his nickname David Deangelo. He is an acknowledged dating advisor and entrepreneur and is considered to be among the elite in the dating industry. David has been invited to countless interviews (both through radio and television), and has been given prominence by many articles on various magazines and newspapers. Having more than 1 Million subscribers to his daily newsletters and products, DeAngelo operates the largest dating company in the industry today.

While there are dozens of other “names” in the dating industry, if we were starting a Seduction Guru Hall of Fame, these are the four people we would nominate on the very first ballot. You are, of course, free to argue and disagree with us, provided you can refrain from throwing things. Vent your spleen or offer a congratulatory slap on the back in the comments below. Who are YOUR Seduction Guru Hall of Fame nominees?

The Swank Life Team

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