standard The Rules for Texting Girls

SwankLife.comJust when we men managed to come to grips with the fact that dating a girl meant we”d have to spend hours on the telephone during those infrequent spans of time we were apart, along came texting. At first it seemed like a godsend, right? Dash off a few lines of acronymnese, an abbreviated collection of “words” that basically lets her know, yes, I am thinking about you every single waking moment and then I dream about you at night.

But one text turns into two, then ten, then a thousand, then a tsunami of never-ending fingertapping that might be even worse than actually holding the damn device to your ear and speaking into it. At Swank Life, we”d like to set your mind at ease. Texting is not going to go away any time soon, and whatever is invented to fill its place will be even worse, so accept your fate and let”s get on with how to text correctly.

You got her number. It”s time to batten down the hatches send the ever-important first text. You ponder different word combinations for hours, discarding lame combinations, dredging the very depths of your brain for inspiration. Finally, with fingers trembling slightly, you tap out, “Hey, what”s up?” Are those crickets we hear in background? You”re going to have to man up, dude! That was lame. A first text is like having to impress her all over again. Show her you”re the fun, cool, and exciting guy she gave her number to in the first place before she tells you to lose it.

The goal is not to come off as a normal, needy guy. In other words, the average frustrated chump. So, you might decide to try, “Hey, how is your day going?” WRONG! That is such a boring way to break the ice. Try something more like, “Hey, Crackerpants! What”s your trouble quotient today?”

Now you”ve got something going. You”ve set a playful tone which is perfect for a little flirting back and forth. If she”s flirting with you, that”s a good thing. Remember the following:

1. Set a fun tone
2. Engage her emotions
3. Compel her to respond

Texting is your fate. Might as well get used to it.

The Swank Life Team

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