standard The Ridiculous Edge of Infinity at Marina Bay Sands

8037899543_3eefca8e04Once in a great while you stumble across a man-made marvel so unique, so stupefying, so ridiculous that it immediately goes onto the bucket list. The Skypark Infinity Pool at the top of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore fits the bill. Take a gander at the view in the photo down there. Your eyes do not deceive you. It’s no trick of photography or fakery of perspective.

Nope, that pool sits atop 55 floors of luxury rooms and suites! And that’s the skyline of the grand city of Singapore spread out directly adjacent to and BELOW you.

To some, it seems like the perfect recipe for an effects-laden disaster movie; to others, sheer nirvana. If the idea of cavorting like a dolphin in cool, refreshing water at a height above ground that almost exactly matches the Arch in St. Louis (660 feet) makes you throw up in your mouth a little, maybe you should stick to the casino and shops down closer to the ground.

For the rest of us, the pool is akin to climbing aboard one of those roller coasters that seem like they simply should not be able to stay on the track. Do you wonder what marvels of engineering have gone into keeping the Skypark Infinity Pool in the sky and not plunging down through dozens of floors of luxury suites like a cannonball through hot butter?

At such a height, there’s no avoiding wind motion. Four unique joints have been installed below the pools that allow for almost 20 inches of play. For those keeping score at home, that’s more than a foot and a half of range through which the entire structure can move while you blithely do the backstroke above.9764451343_7ef0a5c883

What about settlement into the ground, the sharper among our readers might query before boarding the elevator? Doesn’t that much water weigh quite a bit and isn’t it dicey storing it directly overhead? The answer to those questions is yes and yes. Luckily, the architects anticipated this eventuality and included custom designed jack legs which are adjustable to more than 500 points to keep things absolutely level and the infinity pool still looking like infinity when you gaze over it.

What’s it going to cost to get yourself a room at the Marina Bay Sands so you can scramble on up to the pool? Rates run between $400-$600 nightly, though you should prepare to spend more if you want to get a really fancy suite.

In case you were wondering, Jake Swank already has reservations. (Image: Flickr | erwinsoo and Sarah_Ackerman)

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