standard Talk with Passion Outside the Bedroom

SwankLife.comThe grind of day-to-day life tends to make us boring, men and women alike, but since Swank Life is focused on helping the guys here, we’ll ask the question: “Ladies, who among you wants to date a boring guy?” Nobody! Nobody wants to date a boring guy. Want to know the easiest way to not be boring? Be passionate about your topic. Wait. Don’t shrug this pick up skill off as so much psychobabble. Think about it for a moment.

You’re stuck in a conversation in the hallway at work. It’s your manager and he can’t stop talking about the TPS reports – if you’re one of the two people in the world who has not seen Office Space, do it now. We’re not kidding. We’ll wait – but back to the hallway. You’re stifling yawns. Your attention wavers. You think you actually might have fallen asleep standing up for a few seconds. Now pretend you’re the hot girl behind the counter at the local coffee shop and the manager is you blathering on about whatever it is you usually blather about.

Stop the insanity!

Dude, you’ve got to get more interesting. It doesn’t matter how dull your job is or how your social life revolves around reality television, if you’re going to take the time to approach a girl, do her the courtesy of having something interesting to talk about. Non-sexual passionate talk is definitely a pick up skill. Ever noticed how people get hyperactive, voice rising, hands waving wildly on certain topics? We’re not suggesting you do that because it’s probably going to scare her off but make it a point to steer the conversation to subjects that hold your attention. That way you won’t have to pretend like you’re interested because you actually WILL be interested.

Quite a concept, huh? Conviction, Enthusiasm. Passion. This is the what you’re striving for in your social interactions. Need some ideas? Try watching less television and doing some of the following:

shooting guns, motorcycle riding, parachute jumping, paragliding, wakeboarding, learn the guitar

And it doesn’t always have to be about the macho stuff. You could learn how to draw cartoons, design web sites, audio recording and editing, or graphic design. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might even be passionate about your job. Now that’s a concept! The trick is to get interested about something and not be afraid to talk about it like you mean it.

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