standard Swankettes Set to Challenge Tempe12 Dominance

The Tempe12 girls might not be quaking in their bare naked feet just yet, but there is a calendar challenger lurking on the horizon. We’ll call them the Swankettes, or Swanky Girls if you like that better, not because it’s a swanky name derived directly from founder Jake Swank’s own moniker but . . . well, actually that’s exactly why we call them that. Each and every girl featured on the inaugural 2013 calendar cleaves tighter than a layer of suntan oil to the idea that a life lived without swankiness is scarcely a life at all.

What exactly does all this mean?

It’s all about a simple American idea. What the Tempe12 concept did for Arizona State University (which they’ve done quite well, we might add), the Swankettes will do for the world. The world? Yep. These women don’t set their sights low. Our sexy and cerebral band of twelve young ladies intend to take 2013 by storm. It’s all about lifestyle; the single lifestyle to be specific.

“If you’re gonna be single, you might as well do a good job of it.” – Jake Swank

The preceding quote emerged directly from the mouth of Mr. Swank in the midst of a recent productive afternoon devoted to general swankiness and solving quantum physics example problems at the Swank Life penthouse. Sorry, we can’t reveal the precise location of Jake’s swanky lair. You know the drill. If we tell you, we’d have to kill you. Never fear though. You too can stay abreast of all his life philosophy has to offer when it comes to the hippest bars, coolest clothes, and trendiest travel destinations.

With a nod of gratitude to Tempe12 creator David Freedman, the Jason’s calendar girls are poised to take the excitement to a global level. Stay tuned to Swank Life in the coming months to experience the incredible ride from the beginning. While we might be #2 right now, we’re nipping at the Tempe12 luscious heels. A littel competition is good, right? There has even been a rumor of a reality show in the making. We’re not sure who’s scheduled to appear, when or where, but when Jake Swank and the Swankettes are involved, it promises to be more than mere words can describe.

We’re goin’ global!

The Jake Swank Team





Flickr / photo courtesy of poolie