standard Stuff You Should Stop Doing After 40

3362759440_ea123fe7e7_nWhile we’re strong proponents for maintaining youth as long as possible, we also favor giving up stupidity at the earliest opportunity. Certain activities that were swank in college probably aren’t now. If you’re not picking up what we’re putting down, let’s get specific. By the time you’ve been on the planet four decades, it’s not so swank to do:

  • Jell-O shots – If you have no idea what this is, congratulations.
  • Karaoke after Jell-O shots – Okay, pretty much anything involving Jell-O shots should have gone the way of the dinosaur by now.
  • Karoake – Sure, it’s funny at first but at what cost? Dignity?
  • Karaoke after midnight – Okay, pretty much anything involving karaoke is out after 40.
  • Breaking a plank with your head, hand, foot, elbow, butt, or any other body part – Trust us, it’s not going to end well.
  • Crowd surfing in the mosh pit at a Slayer concert – The reason should be self evident.
  • Collecting ceramic chickens, frogs, or yard gnomes – Seriously, just don’t do it, no matter how old you are. There’s never a good excuse.
  • Enter a wet t-shirt contest
  • Prove to the young whippersnappers that you can still bench 300 pounds, even with an artificial shoulder.
  • Set in motion a chain of events that requires a morning rush to the local drugstore for a pregnancy test kit.
  • Eat bacon with reckless disregard for the health implications.
  • Moon pedestrians from your BMW.
  • Say, “Hey, watch this.” – It’s almost certainly a precursor to an emergency room visit.
  • Do the Harlem Shake (or any other dance craze of any other decade) – Macarena anyone? The Twist?
  • Menage a trois – Come on. One partner is complicated enough.

Those in pursuit of Swank Certification would do well to avoid these activities and others too numerous to mention. Remember, we’re not saying you should stop acting young. Just stop acting stupid. Last but not least on your list of things you should not try after the age of 40 in financial insecurity. It sucks to be living paycheck to paycheck at this stage of life. If you’re still doing it, we’d like to offer a way out. One of our affiliate websites is offering a low cost, high quality entry into the income property investing field. When it comes to creating wealth, it’s hard to beat passive income and, believe it or not, there are areas in the country that shrugged off the foreclosure crisis and recession in fine form and are great for real estate investing. Here’s more information(Top image: Flickr | pOps Harlow)

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