standard Social Media Tools Are the New Rules of Seduction

The Swank Life ShowIn case you haven’t noticed, the process of meeting, greeting and seducing have changed a lot over the past decade. From Web 2.0 we got Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and a plethora of dating websites like eHarmony. And you no longer even need to be in front of your desktop computer at home to take advantage of them. Computing first shrank to the size of a laptop computer, a portable device that now seems absolutely mammoth-sized when compared to the iPad, iPhone or other traveling Internet permutations.

The bottom line is this. You will be hopelessly out-swanked by the competition of you don’t get up to speed on technology when it comes to seducing the women of the world. Think they’re going to wait for your handwritten note to arrive inviting them to an evening of romance when they’ve got texts, emails, and status updates arriving on their PDA every few minutes?

We’re not here to trash the old fashioned method of message delivery but, buddy, if you rely on the United States Postal Service to declare your sometimes chivalrous, sometimes salacious intentions, well, it’s going to be a long year for you. The modern Renaissance Man MUST – repeat MUST – venture to the bleeding edge of technology and beyond to keep up with today’s eligible women. It’s no accident that James Bond never met a bomb he couldn’t defuse. Think he ever neglected to invest the time and effort necessary to keep up with the latest weapons of super villainy?

How long would the world’s best known spy last if unless he wasn’t intimately familiar with each and every new timing device invented for weapons of mass destruction? Don’t take your dating life any less seriously. This onrushing wave of technology has given us countless ways to communicate with the targets of our affection and sometimes even a cell phone call seems like too much of a hassle, especially when you’re walking from the office to your car – get those thumbs out and start texting. Remind her who you are.

You, friend, are the new super agent of social media, redefining and extending the rules of seduction with every passing day. Maybe Leonardo da Vinci could speak 78 languages but today that doesn’t matter in the least unless you’re posting something from your iPhone.

The Swank Life Team

Flickr / Yutaka Tsutano