standard Snapshot of a Swank Life Guy

SwankLife.comHow can you tell if you”ve achieved your full measure of swankiness? Can you legitimately call yourself a Swank Life guy? That”s an easy one to answer. Swankiness is a goal you never reach but, likewise, never stop striving for. No man ever tops out at 100% Swank Quotient and can sit back and wait for the women to flock around like flies.

True swankiness, the development of body and mind, is a process that should not stop until you are in the grave. So what areas of self-improvement does a Swank Life guy need to work on, specifically? To answer that all important question, let”s review the 10 Commandments for Swank Life as provided for us by the one and only Jake Swank.

Thou Shalt…

1. Flex thy mind and body

ABL – Always Be Learning is the mantra for the modern Renaissance Man. You”re not a leader unless you”re a reader, nor an earner unless you”re a learner. But all “know” without the “get up and go” does not a Swank Life disciple make. A fully flexed mind combined with a highly tuned body creates the ultimate in irresistibility.

2. Present thy swankiest self

Groom every inch of your body (even down there), and never neglect your health and fitness. Proper etiquette matters, which also means you should know how to speak correctly and then do it. A deft turn of phrase can be more effective than all the one-liners in Los Angeles.

3. Dominate thy social scene

Understand the give and take of casual conversation. Guide the flow of of words with good humor and storytelling, and impress her with your memory for names, likes, dislikes, and her mother”s birthday.

4. Keep thy name on everyone”s lips

When they”re talking, make sure it”s about you. Networking is not just for business any more. Facebook, Twitter, and online dating websites combine with an unforgettable (in a good way) in-person impression to keep your Seduction Quotient in the clouds. Remember, without circulating, there”s no percolating.

5. Expand thy possibilities through technology

iPhone, iPad, and assorted other bleeding edge technology are not only conversational cool but relentlessly useful tools to save time, increase productivity, and network with the objects of your desire. Your source for instant education wherever you may roam.

6. Develop thy finance (without it there”s no romance)

If you don”t have resources now, create a realistic plan to get some, because Ramen Noodles doesn”t make her hot for you. Fun requires funds and, unlike James Bond, you don”t have the British defense budget to back you up. Financial success is a mindset backed by purposeful action. Rise to the occasion and don”t be afraid to lead.

7. Resist dull moments

Let your sense of adventure run wild! Build a history through shared experience; that”s what friendship is about. Travel the world and elsewhere. Swank Life is your Real Life and a game best played in the field with reckless abandon. Do! Be! Have! If life is a spectator sport, you”re not Swank enough.

8. Master thy domain

Be THE source for inspiration, motivation, and reliability. Men accept responsibility when things go wrong, while boys whine “It”s not my fault!” Memo from Reality: women like men better than boys. A life lived by absolute principles is your only option, so define yourself and never waver.

9. Cultivate thy karma

Recognize that the road is more difficult for others and your mission is to help – it”s the art of being a real human being. Phrased another way, plant a shade tree under which you know you”ll never sit.

10. Hone they sense of humor

Life is short and there”s no honor to be gained in dying with a frown on your face. The Big Stuff is actually Small Stuff. Don”t sweat or fret over it. Problems arise and then go away. A million jokes doesn”t make you funny but the perspective gained from taking a single step back makes you fun to be around.

Now you should understand EXACTLY what being a Swank Life guy means. Now go forward and swankify thyself.

The Swank Life Team