standard Sexting Outside the Gutter

The Swank Life ShowThe term “sexting” appeared on the scene some time around 2005, and though it’s never gone away, has seen a resurgence in recent Internet headlines thanks to senior citizen, family man and NFL quarterback legend, Brett Favre, who was publicly outed as the author of lewd photographs of himself snapped with a cell phone camera and sent to an unwilling female recipient not his wife. Oops! NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell saw fit to lighten Mr. Favre’s bank balance to the tune of a fifty grand fine.

But the question lies before us not in a discussion of whether or not Brett will have enough moolah left over to buy Wranglers for the rest of his days but at what point in the relationship sending snapshots of your private parts becomes appropriate? At this point, we’re going to err on the side of caution and say never. That’s one text you can’t un-send and if the relationship develops to the point that private parts are revealed, it’s better to do so in living color.

At the same time, Swank Life is well aware that the cell phone/pda has become indispensable for the budding Casanova to keep in touch with his harem throughout the day, and the proper use of it as a legitimate tool for seduction should not be underestimated. But remember that you don’t have to walk in the gutter with the filth and slime to put it to work for you.

Consider the following ways sexting could work in your favor.

Put her in the mood. There’s no need to get Hustler graphic to begin softening her up for a coming rendezvous. It’s no secret that she won’t be in the mood all the time but you an tilt the odds in your favor if you drop a few hints throughout the work day related to the images floating around in your head. Suggestive sexting is priceless and much more effective than heading straight to Smutsville

Down boy! A few well-spaced sexts during the course of a normal day is great at adding spice to your eventual meeting but 30 delivered in the same time period is called stalking. If you want to encourage her to break up with you, there are easier, more straightforward methods.

Alrighty then, get out there and start sexting but don’t play the Brett Favre card on her.

The Swank Life Team

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