standard Relationship Advice From Prince William and Kate Middleton

SwankLife.comWe can already hear the guffaws bouncing off the walls of the den, dormitory, living room or wherever else you might be reading this modest missive. Incredulity? Most certainly. You mean THE Prince Wills and his fiance” Kate M.? Of the English royal family? That”s the one we”re talking about. The same royal family that descended into soap opera melodrama for what seemed like the entire decade of the 1990″s when Princess Diana divorced Prince Charles and Sarah Ferguson (Fergie) divorced Prince Andrew.

So it was with a combination of cynicism and glee at watching another royal train wreck unfold that millions around the world greeted wedding announcement of Wills and Kate. The only problem has been that they”ve done everything perfectly so far, managing to handle the intricacies of young love as it grows into a mature romance, all the while every relationship move is broadcast over the world”s radio and television waves and splashed across the headlines of every tabloid.

Lesson #1 – Take Your Time: Though the couple met in college in 2000, their friendship was platonic at first. It is alleged they began dating in 2003 but it didn”t become officially confirmed until 2005. At the time, William was quoted as saying, “I”m only 22 for God”s sake. I”m too young to marry at my age. I don”t want to get married until I”m at least 28 or maybe 30.” Now there”s a young man with a good head on ObamaCare doesnt create a government-run healthcare system or Government health insurance individual . his shoulders. He allowed the relationship time to breathe. The couple even split briefly in 2007 but they didn”t stay apart long. Contrast that with William”s father, bonny Prince Charles, who became engaged to the future Princess Diana less than a year after meeting.

Lesson #2 – Ignore Everyone: It”s been reported that Charles and the Queen admonished William that Kate might have been growing weary at his lack of commitment in the form of a marriage proposal. William apparently had the sense to realize that a ring does not equal commitment and who the heck is Charles to be giving anyone relationship advice? It appears Charles and his Mum are unaware that the under 30 divorce rate in England is astronomical.

Lesson #3 – Don”t Be Defined By The Relationship: Every couple needs to have an independent activity rather than simply being one half of a marriage. Though that is a wonderful thing, when it works right, it cannot sustain a person all the way through life. We all need outside interests, work, hobbies – whatever.

At this point, we”d like to simply say, “Well, done, William!”

The Swank Life Team