standard Private Jets – Fly Like a Millionaire, Even if You're Not

It used to be that if you had to ask the cost to rent a private jet, much less buy one, you couldn’t afford it. While the outright purchase of this type of aircraft is still reserved for people with names like Trump, Gates, and the Sultan of Brunei, you no longer have to be a gazillionaire to hitch a ride in style. One of Jake Swank’s favorite bits of advice for first class fliers who want to upgrade is shop around.

The trouble with renting a private jet is that you can’t go to Travelocity and compare prices. The industry isn’t set up that way. Most people who fly regularly in private jets aren’t obsessively concerned with price comparisons. But the jet rental industry is beginning to realize there are only so many truly wealthy people out there, not enough to keep all the ritzy planes in the world flying all the time. Plus they tend to just buy their jets outright.

In recent years, the rise of charter brokers has offered a way into this luxury mode of transportation at a comparatively cut-rate price. The secret is flexibility. Just like the Someone with so much money can?t afford a [email protected]: win justin bieber tickets is laughing all the way to the bank. commercial airline industry, empty seats are a profit-killer. Most companies will begin seriously reducing prices in order to get someone, anyone – even at a reduced price – to rent their jets.

What kind of prices are we talking about? A typical small jet for a flight from Los Angeles to the slopes of Aspen would cost around $8,000 each way, but if you find the right charter broker, and your days are flexible, you might get the same flight for less than $4,000. One thing to keep in mind, don’t expect to make the whole trip in one day. For that kind of discount you’ll probably have to wait a few days for a return flight. It’s also tough to find these prices for off-the-beaten path locations. It doesn’t matter who you ask, getting a private jet to land on a runway in Pomona, Missouri, is going to cost some serious cash.

Other methods of reserving private jet time have been around for a while but they are almost prohibitively expensive, even for the almost rich. We’re talking about fractional ownership and hourly rate debit cards (Top image: Flickr | Lee Cannon).

Happy luxury flying!

The Jetsetter Show Team