standard Present Thy Swankiest Self

SwankLife.comWhen we sat down Swank Life founder and host extraordinaire, Jake Swank, for a skull session explaining exactly what he means by Swank Life Commandment #2, we got an earful; the guy is passionate on the topic. Faithful blog readers might already be familiar with the Commandments but every once in a while we like to pull back the curtain and take a longer look at exactly how you can make your life even swankier than before.

Here’s what #2 says: Present they swankiest self.

Sounds simple but how does a guy in pursuit of all that is swank in his dating life actually put the idea into practice? Good question and here’s what Jake had to say.

“To present thy swankiest self at all times means that you’ve got to pay particular attention to all areas of your life when it comes time to set the hook. Some people say ‘chick magnet’ but it goes much deeper than that. Take a look at yourself. Are you a fat slob? Do you stumble over your words? Do you know proper etiquette? Believe me, guys, the ladies are paying attention and taking notes where you fall short.”

It’s true that you can certainly get dates and even successfully seduce a woman operating at something less than the top of your game but if you decide to target the top shelf material (you know the kind of woman we’re talking about) with a fat roll over the belt and wrinkled shirt, forget it. The bait you’re offering is not something she’ll bite anytime soon. Seriously, you’re not even going to be allowed to play the game at that level without putting supreme maximus effort into your grooming and clothes, speech, bank roll, and ability to impress from every angle. Fair? Hell no! We’re not talking about fair here. We’re talking about reality.

Now the question becomes what are you going to do about it? You can whine and moan about how life always kicks sand in your face, like most guys do, or you can get off your duff and make yourself so swanky her eyeballs literally bulge slightly out of their sockets when you walk in the room. That’s what we mean by presenting thy swankiest self. You’ll learn more as we go along but, for now, mix some vegetables into your diet, cut back on the soft drinks, and get outside for some exercise. You look like a damn zombie.

The Swank Life Team

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