standard Multiple Girlfriends – Nirvana or Hell on Earth?

SwankLife.comAny dude with experience in the field will tell you that one girlfriend can be a handful. Why on earth would you want to spread yourself thin across multiple relationships? That way lies madness and a possible hernia. Let’s backtrack slightly. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with dating different girls in the same week. That’s a perfectly legitimate way to meet more women and troll the waters for one you REALLY like. But to have more than one serious girlfriend at a time? Bad idea. In the first place, you’re probably going to have to keep the girls firmly separated and not even acknowledge that others exist. Not many women will tolerate a multiple girlfriend arrangement.

Ever seen the HBO Mormon polygamy television series Big Love? Take our word for it. Many women vying for the attention and energy of one man makes for a very tired man, psychologically. To be fair to a relationship requires an immense amount of time and effort. Only an insane human being would attempt to replicate the feat twice, thrice, or even four times at once, and most guys don’t have nearly the time management skills to pull off this intricate deception.

So why does it happen? Why are guys boasting they’ve been with a different girl every night or can manage to juggle three at the same time? We’re a long ways from earning our degree in psychology, actually, we’re not even working on it, but it seems to us that there might be some feelings of insecurity or inferiority he’s trying to make up for by proving that lots of girls want to be with him – lots and lots of girls. Insane amounts of girls.

Keep in mind that few women have the inclination to stick around unless they are convinced the relationship is growing and going somewhere, not if you’re hurrying through your early date to get to the later one, then on for a nightcap at an all night diner. Multiple girlfriends are a bad idea, even if it’s only due to the amount of stress involved in remembering which one is which. You didn’t just call Amber by the name Missy, did you. Oh crap. Duck!

The Swank Life Team