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SwankLife.comSingle dads used to have to hang out in the produce section of the grocery store and pretend like they were studying vegetables until a woman noticed him. In the event she didn’t call the store manager or police and report him for suspected perversion, she might take the time to engage in an actual conversation, or maybe not. The point is that the dating population gets a mite slim for a dad with kids who doesn’t want to hang around in bars.

Thank God for the Internet, right? Uh, yeah, right…except that meeting women online requires a completely different set of skills than called for in the nightclub face-to-face scene. The task in front of you with online dating is to impress her enough with your words to get to the phone call, where you’re more likely in your element. But so many guys are striking out and giving up before they make it that far, we felt compelled to take pity and let them in on a few secrets.

Dudes, you need different skills. What kind of skills? We’re glad you asked.

The first thing to do is develop a standard email that you know will spark the interest of most women enough to get a response. If you spend all your time carefully crafting personalized prose for every woman you want to contact, you’re going to get very little done in the pursuit of meeting women online. This is numbers game. The online part is the screening process. Don’t get hung up on it lest you become a very frustrated young dude.

Next you need a follow up email that asks for her phone number. A certain number of women won’t be ready to divulge the information so quickly. Carry on a lengthy email correspondence if you like but it can get mind numbing. Before you get her on the phone, take the time beforehand to anticipate the kinds of questions she will likely ask. She’ll want to know about your family, past relationships, kids, what you do for a living. At some point you’ll learn that the way to short circuit the gentle (or not) interrogation is by asking questions of your own. Many women like to talk about themselves. A lot. Take advantage of that truism.

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