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SwankLife.comPhysical difference notwithstanding, have you ever noticed that men and women aren’t the same in the brain? Hmm, now that we think about it, only about every time one or the other opens their mouth. Are we really that different? According to Dr. John Gray, author of the long-time bestselling book, Men are from Mar, Women are from Venus, each gender has a diametrically different communication style, which we hope is providing some entertainment value to whoever is in charge of planning these things.

We not only have different communications styles, concludes Dr. Gray, but differing emotional needs, and personal values as well. By the way, Gray’s book is an exploration of communication differences in heterosexual couples, so keep in mind that this discussion proceeds with that caveat in place. He (and we) don’t pretend to be an authority for any other types of sexual match-ups.

While it’s hard to be awake for more than three seconds on this planet without being forcefully reminded of that the sexes are as different as the Roman gods Mars and Venus Gray uses for placeholders, it’s critical to keep this in mind when striking up a conversation with a woman you might be interested in dating. At some point in the interaction you might become convinced that she has either taken momentary leave of her senses or has run out of the proper prescription medication that keeps her balanced.

If we’re to believe Gray, men and women rate the act of giving and receiving love quite differently. While men tend to think in terms of earning points in regard to how much money or effort goes into a gift or action, women award points in terms of how often actions occur. A man might give his sweetie a $500 dollar piece of jewelry and expect that’s all he needs to do for a while. The woman, on the other hand, might love the gift but give it exactly as much credit as remembering to tell her you love her in the morning or a kiss her good night.

It’s no wonder we’re all as crazy as we are.

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