standard Lack of Finance Chills the Romance

The Swank Life ShowWhile it might seem like a bit of a social faux to mention, the state of your pocketbook and checking account balance has a real effect on your chances for romance. After all, is there anything less likely to set her loins to tingling than when you’re standing at the McDonalds counter digging through pockets for spare change? Trust us, you don’t need the password to Bill Gates debit card but you’re going to need a decent bankroll to treat a girl the way she expects and deserves to be treated.

There’s a good chance you already have a large enough paycheck to cover the extra expense of the accoutrements of seduction, even though you might beg to differ. The strong likelihood is that your personal budget is a victim of inattention. Figure out where the money is falling through the cracks and it’s likely you’ll find enough for a swanky dinner at that painfully hip jazz club across town.

Here’s a tip: If you’re going to blow your last fifty bucks on a video game AND it’s Friday night AND you have a girlfriend, she must never, ever find out. Better to sell a kidney for the extra cash than let her know the two of you were sitting at home watching television because you couldn’t resist the siren call of the latest version of Grand Theft Auto.

But if the problem really is that you don’t make enough to foot the bill for dating, something is going to have to change. Short term, do whatever it takes to increase your income, even if it means putting yourself out there and breaking free from the confines of your comfortable gig. You’re going to need higher aspirations than clerking the local Pump and Chug to catch her attention. The next step, once you’ve got more serious change coming over the transom, is to pick an investing strategy that’s going to set you up for a comfortable life going forward. Not surprisingly, your chances for romance increase dramatically when you can offer to fly her Vail for skiing over the weekend, Times Square for New Year’s Eve and the Turks and Caicos Island just because you want to.

Not that all women are strictly mercenary but put yourself in her shoes. If the choice comes down to two guys, one with counting pennies for bus fare and the other gushing money, who are you going to pick?

The Swank Life Team


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