standard Is It Okay for the Groom to Cheat at His Bachelor Party?

SwankLife.comSilly question. Of course, it’s okay for a groom to cheat at his bachelor party, provided one of the following three conditions exist.

1. You’re an idiot
2. You’re a moron
3. You’re an imbecile

Seriously, cheating at your bachelor party is just about the worst idea we can think of. It’s the least swanky thing that Jake Swank can think of off the the top of head and makes him wonder what the heck you’re doing planning on getting married in the first place? Here’s a good bit of advice straight from the Jakester.

Why don’t you ask your beautiful bride to be if she’s okay with it? Yeah, just drop that little bomb into casual conversation one day and see what she has to say about it. Get her blessing on the plan and you’re golden, but there are a few other points you should keep in mind. That hot girl at the bachelor party? She’s a stripper. She gets paid to be nice to you. She doesn’t like you for you. Refer to previous sentence – you know, the one about how she gets paid…

While we at Swank Life have the highest respect for the dating and seduction game, once you agree to a wedding date and have a ring to prove it, you’re off the market buddy. It’s one woman for the rest of your life which, if you were being sincere, is exactly what you want.

The idea of “one last fling” is about the dumbest damn thing you could do. And if your best man tries to set it up, fire him immediately. He’s NOT looking out for your best interest and, furthermore, should be considered a mortal enemy on the level of Bin Laden. Having sex with another woman at a bachelor party is called cheating. Look it up. Unless you have permission, like we already mentioned. If you do happen to get permission, break off the wedding immediately because you’re about to marry a psycho. No woman in her right mind would offer to let you shack up with a professional prostitute as a send off present.

In case we haven’t been clear about whether it’s okay for the groom to cheat at a bachelor party, the answer is a big, fat “No!”

The Swank Life Team




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