standard Increase Your Koolness Quotient With Kindle

Having the latest and greatest technology at your fingertips is not a bad thing when it comes to increasing your swankiness score. You've got the iPhone and the iPad. You're all over the social media outlets, updating your status, tweeting your every move. But do you have a Kindle ebook reader yet? Not to discriminate against other manufacturers like Nook and Kobe, but it's a lot easier to talk about one, so let's go with Amazon's Kindle.

In case you missed the news and think that ebooks are a passing fad, after less than four years of selling in digital format, ebook sales have surpassed printed book sales at Amazon. Add to that little nugget of information the fact that the Kindle has become Amazon's best selling product ever.

The bottom line is this, a woman is likely to be impressed on several different levels if she catches a glimpse of you kicked back at the local coffee shop, plowing your way through Atlas Shrugged. First of all, you like to read, and that's a good thing. As much as she wants to jump Mathew McConnaughey and his endless abs, at some point there will have to be conversation.

What's so cool about Kindle? With free built in 3G wireless access, you can hop online to the Kindle bookstore and download a title any time you want. Like right after she says how much she wants to read Eat Pray Love. After you suppress the automatic gag reflex, think how swanky and urbane you're going to seem when you whip out your device and let her read a sample in less than one minute.

What's you've got to be careful of, in this day and age, is that you don't get caught lugging all your electronic gadgets around at once. If she sees you loaded down like a sherpa with a cell phone, iPad, laptop, GPS, and Kindle, you're likely to be immediately classified in the “geek” section of her personal organizer. She'll call you alright – when she needs a virus removed from her computer – but probably not when she wants a hot date.

So don't be afraid to Kindle your way into her phone number. Just remember, a little technology is a lot cool, but it can degrade exponentially if you overdo it. By the way. This ain't your grandma's Kindle. The third generation plays MP3s, reads aloud to you, holds 3,500 books, and lets you surf the Internet.

The Swank Life Team

(Flickr / bfishadow)