standard Imagination and Emotion Are the Secret to Her Kingdom

The Swank Life ShowAt one time or another, most men have experienced a WTF moment, when they do an actual double take in public at the sight of some nebbish dude squiring around a drop dead gorgeous babe that they know, absolutely KNOW, was either his sister or he must have been paying her to hang all over him. To reverse paraphrase Billy Joel, you may be right but you may be wrong.

Maybe, just maybe the little nebbish dude figured out the secret keys to the kingdom of her heart are rather easily accessed through the insightful ability to trigger her imagination and emotion. It shouldn’t come as a shock to any man that these two factors are a powerful motivator a woman when it comes to deciding which guy she will latch onto for an evening (longer, if you’re lucky). It’s one of the wonderful gender differences that make the chase so thrilling.

And what factor can we suggest our female readers focus on when it comes to a man? Hmm, not sure about that one but beginning with some stress reducing foods, football, and fantasy isn’t a half bad idea.

So how do you capture and lead her imagination and emotion? A good way to start is by demonstrating that you “get” her on a deep level, perhaps deeper than even her female friends dare go. The process is not complicated and involves the asking of simple questions. Most men are so eager to jump in and impress a girl with tales of their adventures and conquests, that the poor lass barely has a chance to get in a word edgewise.

Think that’s going to have her eager to hook up with you for an encore demonstration of your self absorption? Likely not. But a simple little question can lead you to a place in her heart that all the bragging can’t reach.

Try this. Once you discover an area the woman is passionate about, ask a simple question, perhaps phrased like, “What do you find about X the most challenging?” Of course, your chances for success go up considerably if you pay genuine attention to the response and intelligently discuss it with her. Expect a serious gut spilling and be prepared to access her thoughts and feelings on this matter in a most intimate manner. And if you can get her to open up to you about this topic, there’s no limit to where you can lead her…

The Swank Life Team

Flickr / Loren Javier