standard Ice Queen or Low Self Esteem?

The Swank Life ShowWhere does all that drama come from? Is she just another psychotic female or is there a smidgin of a chance that, underneath the frozen personality and outright meanness, lies a reason for the behavior? Swank Life is here to tell you that there is an underlying reason for almost all behavior on this planet of ours. In a small percentage of cases, the reason is mental instability or outright psychosis. We suggest you avoid women like this.

That leaves the majority of the female population with Ice Queen issues for a different reason, possibly low self esteem. “Not another low self-esteemer,” groans the crowd. “Why does it always come back to self esteem?” Like it or not, self esteem is a big deal for a woman perhaps even more than a man, and who can blame her? According to every beer, car, or body spray commercial out there, the average woman is should look like a cross between Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba. That’s a tough standard for anyone to meet. Throw in cheating boyfriends, straying husbands, and a string of one-liners from dudes looking for a quick roll in the sack, it’s no wander her heart seems frozen when you try to strike up a conversation.

But don’t make the mistake of playing the White Knight on a stallion at all costs, sweeping in to save her no matter how many verbal blasts she hits you with. There’s only so much a man can do, and if she intends to keep it up the rest of her life, it’s better to get out while you can. You’re aware of the behavior:

1. Tantrums
2. Obvious lies
3. Manipulations
4. Rudeness
5. Reveling in the misery of others

If you believe the prickly exterior shields a hurt little girl, try humor or even ignore the outburst completely. But if you find yourself in the presence of low self esteem girls repeatedly – hmm – maybe it’s time to take a look at yourself and figure out why you’re constantly in the midst of this drama. Do you crave it? Do you have the same issues? The answer is very, very simple. Learn to discern the insane women from the sane ones and opt to cultivate relationships only with the latter.

The Swank Life Team

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