standard How to Let The “Other Girls” Know You’re Off The Market

SwankLife.comDating more than one girl can be a ton of fun but what happens when, horror of horrors, the astounding realization strikes that you’re ready to get serious with one? How do you handle breaking it off with the other girls without getting kicked in the place where it hurts a whole lot? The simple answer is that you’re going to have to be a man about it. That’s right, man up, and face the challenge head on. Accept up front that all the ones getting dumped are likely to be royally ticked off at you because they’re going to feel like you chose another one over them – which you did. The trick is in handling the situation so you can part as friends rather than dueling police reports.

Get proactive
As soon as you decide (realize) that you are or want to be in an exclusive relationship with someone, you need to tell the other girls you’re dating immediately. Is there anything more awkward or deceptive than suffering through a conversation with a woman who thinks everything is going great? She’s making plans for future dates and you feel like you swallowed an anvil. Make plans to let them know right away.

Don’t be the wussbag who thinks its okay to break it off with a girl via email or text, especially if you’ve slept with her. That level of prior intimacy deserves an in-person visit, in which you speak your mind plainly. Breaking up via email or text is the kind of thing that creates a whole bunch of bad blood and ends up with some kid’s pet rabbit boiling in a pot on the stove. No one wants that. And don’t make the mistake of thinking you can simply fade from the scene. The other girls are going to notice you’re not calling to hang out any more, and the more you try to hide, the worse it gets, until you have to get plastic surgery and move to a different state.

A last bit of advice. Break up with the rest of the flock during the daytime. Night is associated with dates, partying, and kissy face. The light of day bears a serious task like this much better.

The Swank Life Team

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