standard How to Finance Your Romance with Passive Income

The Swank Life ShowDon’t hate her just because she expects you to have a few coins to rub together when you go out for a big night on the town. Seriously, it doesn’t make her a bad person to not want to go Dutch the first two dozen times you take her out. Like it or not, fair or not, a woman worthy of your attention is going to expect a certain level of income to support your dating habit. Some reasons for living in the poorhouse, such as you’re in the final year of medical school, are acceptable, but expect words like “motivation” and “prospects” and “future payoff” to be bouncing around inside her head.

The simple truth is you’ve got to have some sort of bankroll if you want to participate fully in the dating scene. We shouldn’t have to tell you that the best income is passive, and here’s how to make some while still working eight hours a day in cubicle hell, or wherever you go to earn your daily bread.

If you think Wall Street investing is going to make you rich, you’re wrong. If you’re convinced gold is the path to wealth, you’re less wrong but still solidly off target. Our own, Jake Swank, figured out many moons ago that income property investing is the perfect vehicle to bypass poverty and put yourself on the slopes of Aspen one week, the beaches of Belize the next; all the while cash still flows into your account.

You can’t learn all you need to know about this highly profitable form of real estate investing in a single post but here is the Big Concept to wrap your brain around before we go on. Real estate is the only multi-faceted asset that we know of, which simply means you can earn money from it a variety of different ways. The same is not true with investments like stocks or gold, which must appreciate in value for you to profit. The Big Deal with real estate is that you can rent it out while maintaining ownership. That’s where income property investing comes in. You buy a single family residential home and rent it out. Monthly income from your tenant earns you cash flow and pays off your mortgage. That’s the first way you profit.

As time passes, the property goes up in value. That’s the second way to profit. Finally, you should keep in mind that there is no more tax favored investment in the whole country. If you’re looking for a legitimately safe and easy way to fund your romance, educate yourself on the potential of income property investing at our affiliate website, Your future dates thank you.

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