standard How to be a Nice Guy and Still Get Dates

SwankLife.comConventional wisdom can be pretty rough on a nice guy. They finish last, never get a date, and might as well pull a Thelma and Louise and drive a 1966 Thunderbird off a cliff. We’re here to say, “Nice guys of the world take heart. It’s really not as bad as all that.” In fact, here are a few ways you can clean the clock of that bad boy in a black leather jacket the woman of your dreams “thinks” she wants.

You’ve Got a Job
Often the problem with Casanova or Billy Biker is that they seem to be allergic to gainful employment. Trust us, the appeal to the fairer sex begins to wear thin quite fast when she realizes that he NEVER has the cash to take her out, can’t afford to even put gas in that old Harley-Davidson, and apparently is completely happy existing on the edge of obscurity. Finding and holding a job is of utmost importance for the unrepentant nice guy who wants to land at least one date this century.

Get Funny
If there’s one sure fire way to winnow around her defenses, it’s to make her laugh. This doesn’t mean you need to be a standup comedian. In fact, don’t you dare try to be a standup comedian. We’ve never met a more neurotic group of alcoholics and addicts with suicidal tendencies that these “funnymen.” A better bet is to learn to appreciate the moment-to-moment absurdities of life. Laugh with her. Laugh at her sometimes (very gently), and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself regularly too.

Face it. This world is full of self-absorbed, flaky, untrustworthy people and at least half of them are men. Be one of the true standup guys she can count on and you’re golden. Bonus points if you don’t get pee-on-yourself drunk every weekend and can refrain from slapping her around when you get angry. Believe us, against the standards you’re competing, it’s not that hard to stand out in the crowd of potential dates.

Last but least on this list of ways a nice guy can get a date – get clean. Women appreciate a dude who is clean. You’d be amazed how far a shave, haircut, manicure, and freshly laundered clothes will get you.

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