standard Great Nightclubs Around the World

Americans sometimes blame the continent across the pond as being a little too Euro-centric, but forget that we tend to be a little Yankee-centric at times. As a fully developed swankster, you can’t afford to discriminate on the basis of geography. You’ve got to go where the happening nightclubs are around the world, no matter WHERE they might be located.

The following list is highly subjective but serves as a good starting point when it comes to completing your groove-thang bucket list. If you haven’t been to any of these clubs, find the nearest immediately and proceed to party down.

Cielo – New York City
Ravers and techno-music junkies love the nightly blast of house music to be found at Cielo, which along with Pacha NYC, are the only two clubs worth mentioning in the Big Apple. From the 70’s playboy décor to the endless string of world class DJ hosts, Cielo has been winning awards since 2004: “Best Deep House Club,” “Best Club,” “Best Party,” and many more. Not many would claim this is the top club in the world, but it’s very, very strong.

Club Space – Miami
The second and last United States entrant on this list for hot night spots is Club Space down in little old Miami. Nightlife in this city has been acknowledged as the best in America for a while now, so it should come as no surprise that a world class nightclub has crept into the mix. For more than a decade Club Space has been kickin’ out the jams with a Dynacord sound system known to rattle tooth fillings loose. If you go, head for the Terrace. That’s where the real party happens.

The Guvernment – Toronto
No one thought a world class nightclub like The Guvernment would call Toronto home. No offense to Canada, but the Great White North seems light years removed from what has traditionally been considered the great urban club cities. The Guvernment has changed all that, and even won “Best Dance Club” from EYE Magazine twice during the nightspot’s decade long run. As far as we know, the magazine is not owned by The Guvernment’s mother, therefore must be a legitimate hot spot. Not only does the venue pump out world class dance music, but also serves as a concert hall where bands like The Black Keys and Band of Horses drop by now and then.

Watergate – Berlin

Welcome to Germany. If you’re a clubber and don’t make room in your itinerary to sample the aural and visual spectacular that is Watergate, there’s no hope for you. Maybe the one club on the planet you definitely should visit before you die, Watergate (no relation to Nixonian ignominy) combines a perfectly dispersed and heart-stopping sound system with an amazing LED light show in the ceiling that has been known to make innocent patrons think they are aliens from outer space. Lights. Sound. Split level fun. What more could an earthling want?

Zouk – Singapore
Who goes to Singapore for the dance scene? YOU do, if you’ve got any sense. Ever since Zouk opened its doors more than twenty years ago these walls have been pulsing with underground talent who are almost too cool to breathe. We’d tell you who they are but – you know the drill – we’d have to kill you, and no one wants that. The nightly crowds are intense, energetic, and happily operate under the club motto: “One people. One tribe. One dance.” We can get down with that. In an industry where a five year life span is impressive, Zouk’s two-decade run seems absolutely ancient. When you’re that good, guess age doesn’t matter.

Fabric – London
Any old world class club on the planet can throw together a great sound system, an array of flashing lights to make your head explode, and pay big name entertainers enough scratch to get ‘em there, but it’s a dedication to tirelessly massaging the music angle that keeps clubbers coming back to Fabric in London. Some would say Fabric is the best club in the world. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. What gives it an edge is a booking team unafraid to venture beyond the current big name DJs, devoting time and energy to scouring the planet for the best music makers regardless of whether they’re a big ticket draw. When it comes to Fabric, the real draw is the club itself, because you know whoever is performing will absolutely kill it night in and night out.

There you have it, a half dozen exemplary places around the world to wear out your dancing shoes. Now get to it and show the world how swanky your feet are.

The Jake Swank Team

Flickr / Patrick Axelsson