standard Glamping: The Glamorous Side of Camping

2871651698_4cbc74df7fFor those with a little extra coin to drop, camping ain’t what it used to be. Now we’ve got glamping, a combination of the words “glamourous” and “camping.” Maybe you’re fed up with an uncomfortable sleeping bag on the ground, a smoky campfire with half-raw, half-scorched trout, and emphysemic neighbors wheezing the next site over. If so, glamping might be just the ticket.

Whether you’re looking for a pimped-out cabin, luxury tipi, or an RV mansion on wheels, it’s time you realized that crawling into that cramped pup tent is a thing of the past, and there’s no reason to leave a single creature comfort behind when you head into the great outdoors.

Tipi Time (

For a pittance ($800 single occupancy / $1,000 double occupancy), you can get your Native American experience on with a night or three in a genuine tipi at Mustang Monument in Wells,Nevada. Genuine, that is, if the original Americans had 300 square foot spaces with hardwood floors, plush leather chairs, and custom beds. This resort is a wild horse eco-resort and preserve covering 900 acres set amongst majestic mountain ranges.

Cool Cabins (

This slice of central California coastline offers rustic/luxury cabins for a mere $145 nightly. These cedar cabins come with a kitchenette, bathrooom, large tubs for soaking, gas fireplaces, and comfortable beds. The location minutes from wine country and near the Pacific Ocean is not to be missed. With an on-site adventure company, it should be easy to get your fill of biking, rock climbing, surfing, sea kayaking, and even team building exercises for those so inclined.

Righteous RV (

What’s better than driving your RV all over the place in search of the perfect glamping experience? How about flying to your selected location (maybe the Andalucia area of Spain) and plopping yourself down in an iconic American recreational vehicle like an Airstream? Situated at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula and offering a culture shaped by 6,000 years of gypsies and flamenco, there might not be a better spot on the planet to enjoy a luxury view all by yourself, or with a special someone. And what about the Airstream? This 2007 limited edition offers a splash of nostalgia and dash of 5-star amenities.

The preceding list is a tiny glimpse into the world of glamping. Jake Swank recommends the practice highly to those so inclined. (Image: Flickr |

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