standard Get the Girl – No Bars or Pickup Lines Necessary

SwankLife.comThe average guy hears the words “seduction” or “dating” and visions of stumbling through slimy bars spring to mind, where the music is loud and the chances for success rise incrementally with the amount of alcohol she imbibes. Does this scenario make your skin crawl? It should. Drunken slut sex is nothing to remember or take great pride in the conquest. Wouldn’t it be nice instead, to meet a nice woman somewhere other than a bar and be able to break the ice without resorting to a lame pickup line that causes you to cringe even as the words spill from your mouth?

That’s right! Picking up a woman with nary a bar or verbal embarrassment in sight. What a novel idea. To make this possible, the first idea you’re going to need to insert in that skull of yours is – are you ready – women are people too. Did you realize that? They’re not automatons trained to deflect the innocent advances of every male on the planet; it only seems that way because of the extraordinarily high percentage of men who, there’s just no other word for it, are dolts.

She wants to talk if you have something halfway intelligent or interesting to say. Her rebuffs are simply the result of a lifetime of conditioning in the art of dissuading Mr. Wrong. Keep this in mind. She wants to speak, laugh, and discuss things if you give her half a chance. Which brings us to another point.

Take it out of the bar if you want an actual conversation.

Bars and night clubs excel at one thing – matching up two horny, deaf, drunken fools for a loveless roll in the hay. If that’s all your after, have fun. A robot could score under those conditions. To meet and greet a woman in a setting where you can actually hear the words the other person speaks, don’t head for the bar on Friday night. A better plan is to head for the laundromat, park, or the mall on Sunday afternoon. For even better results, approach her only after observing for a few minutes unnoticed. See what she’s wearing, her energy level, a book she’s reading, anything at all that gives you the opportunity to make casual conversation. And remember, pickup lines can kill in the hands of a novice. Try actual conversation every once in a while.

The Swank Life Team

Flickr / Ed Yourdon